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JohnsMealTicket is an online research blogger building a community by sharing reviews and sustainable activities that directly impact the quality of the Nation’s natural environment. For example, California’s local agriculture and food products rely heavily on the Nation’s land, water, and other natural resources. Food has been my passion. I set up this site to help connect people with local farms, markets, farmers’ markets, and other resources. I also wanted to create an educational resource for students, educators, and parents about what healthy eating means today to our environment.

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I am interested in supporting sustainable decision-making, from education to presenting facts and reviews to active sustainability goals. California has provided valuable lessons from which other regions can benefit. For example, the state’s diverse geography allows for different climates and ecosystems that provide opportunities for a wide range of agricultural crops and unique cultural experiences like festivals and events. Furthermore, the diversity of the state’s population offers an opportunity for people worldwide to learn from each other. Lastly, California’s history of immigration and its modern-day diversity provides insight into how to handle differences and assimilate newcomers.

Our mission

We support communities to help them create and maintain a strong, sustainable economy in California. We provide a service that connects farmland to consumers, strengthening agriculture’s viability in Northern, Central, and Southern California. Whether you’re an individual, business owner, gardener, farmer, meal planner, researcher, or cook, I hope you’ll find some inspiration here!

How to learn using JohnsMealTicket.com?

JohnsMealTicket will explain the techniques for your community, detailing each step along the way as you follow our offered services. In addition, all viewers will get access to networking through:

This blog will find recommended sources to reference seasonal commodities through California. Do you believe that where we grow food can help us become a stronger, sustainable economy? JohnsMealTicket will seek ways to educate our community to assist anyone in putting their own decisions into action.

What should a Home Cook realize about the food you buy?

My passion lies in educating our community about California’s commodities.

Meal prepping is a challenge, but it’s worth it. Processed foods are everywhere, so you must be mindful of what you buy. You’ll get too much sodium and sugar when eating out, but there are many ways to eat well and save money. Cooking healthy recipes isn’t always easy, but if you prepare your meals before going to work, you won’t need to worry about where to shop or prepare the food.

I compiled three lifestyle methods as a guide for anyone wanting to acquire and eat fresh food at home.

Where to grow

1) Grow your Food – Growing food is a valuable and fun hobby. In addition, you learn more about the environment and how to protect it from pesticides.

Plants take a lot of effort and resources, so you’ll need lots of garden space if you want to eat fresh vegetables. To learn about the best suitable products to grow in your environment, visit Where to Grow Using Maps.

2) Create a Meal Plan – this is about supplying a variety of balance ingredients for your grocery list. Know what to purchase to save money and be motivated to eat healthily!

Going over budget and eating the same foods every day? Follow Meal Press to eat tasty food crafted by JohnsMealTicket.com. Reduces food waste, uses a step-by-step process, offers printable menus, and helps you eat California commercial-style foods.

Need help deciding what to do Visit Meal Plan Press. Utilize the Filter Tool and interact with JohnsMealTicket.com Blog Channel for tips on how to stay within an average budget.

3) Join our Email Subscription – which is used to send you notifications about tips and recommendations following our Blog Channel.

In that case, you will automatically hear about significant events like what to prepare and what you should grow. You can also subscribe to newsletters about topics that interest you, like health, budget, Gift Ideas, and many others.

4) Support Sustainability Activity Sustainable activity starts with you.

From creating a hobby that will help you build your health and family lifestyle to grocery shopping choosing seasonal key ingredients to cook tasty food at home. And join trusting third-party affiliates who share our mission. For example, JohnsMealTicket connects you with others with similar interests to support yourself and the community at home. Click our sections of Tags

5) ResearchWe need a change in our way of thinking; a change in our ways of living and acting.

We must not just think globally, but also act locally. As individuals, we cannot solve the problems we face unless we first understand them. We must ask why we are doing what we are doing, and how to fix it.


JohnsMealTickets.com provides the support to connect you with your environment and your foods. Helping others is an opportunity to learn. Preparing quality food requires time and effort. My website allows people to share information by providing new ways to connect to motivate future interest in helping our environment sustainably.

Visit Q/A Blog Channel, which informs communities about local agriculture experiences and allows anyone to ask questions from our local professional farmers for information and expertise.

8 thoughts on “5 Ways JohnsMealTicket Can Assist at Home

  1. Hi John,

    Very interesting. I can see you have put a lot of work into this.

    Love you,

    Uncle Paul

  2. What a great objective of your website to educate and help people about healthy foods and local produce available in California. Having a meal plan for the week certainly helps me to write my weekly shopping list, so I can stay withing my budget. And it doesn’t mean that one cannot deviate from it, but it serves as a guideline. 

    We do grow some of our own vegetables, but it is always seasonal. So we love to go to the farmer’s market for the fruit and veggies that we do not grow. It is great that you are educating people about the commodities in California. I wish it was available in the area where I live. Great service you are offering. 

    1. I am interested in how a location impacts what we grow. My website provides information about the different environments found in California and how they affect our crops. I also reference other studies done around the country to help you understand why certain locations may not produce well. Learn More

  3. Hello John,

    Very interesting but also very difficult thing to eat healthy.
    It’s a daily struggle.
    Many pitfalls must be avoided, first of all your own comfort and great thing to overcome properly.
    At first it’s hard to eat healthy and it seems expensive, but it’s not.
    There are many great tips in the article, but the following are always welcome.
    Preparing quality food requires work and time, totally agree.

    1. We share a goal to find tips and tricks to grow food at home. With dedicated time and research. Learn more to pick the best 4 gardening methods referenced by our farmers. Click Here

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