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    Hi everyone, my name is John, your guide here at JohnsMealTicket.com website and Meal Planner Advisor. When you visit my corner of the internet, I want you to fell comfortable. Food has been a passion of mine as much as the comfort of eating a delicious home-cooked meal. However, the cost to buy quality ingredients are expensive and difficult to find reliable sources. It makes eating healthy long-term a challenge. If you’ve come here to finally tackle the making a healthy meal plan in locating quality nutrition, my site can help explain the technique, step by step. I celebrate anyone who really loves to eat as much as those who actually get in the kitchen to cook. So wherever you fall on that spectrum, you’ll find your people here. 

    That is why I want you to read my story to get know about my website, and the farmers behind JohnsMealTicket.com. Visit my Team Page to meet the people who share my vision to bring you reliable information about the food grown, picked and delivered for you to see every month at Certified Farmers Markets in California. I want you to love reading on and cooking from JohnsMealTicket separate memberships “Meal Plan Letter” and “Where to Grow using Geospaital Science“.

      With a little planning and practice, you can easily pick quality ingredients into a meal everyday.

A Story About My Cooking Life

     I am a graduate student who shares a passion for home cooking. I enjoy providing food for myself, my friends, and the family. I have a busy schedule where I can’t spend time all day in the kitchen cooking food. So, I practice nailing down the art of meal prep to cook various food within a decided budget. I looked at different cooking cuisines online, in magazines, and on blogs—so many choices; I wanted to try every recipe. Except, food can be expensive, and bills will increase over time!

     My goal is to prep a balanced healthy meal plan with a variety of dishes throughout the week. My definition of meal prep of having the same food every day isn’t my message. It’s having a variety of key ingredients selecting recipes within your budget. I have obtained the knowledge to learn about meal prep over the last seven years.

      My meal plan methods will provide any beginner planning and preparing meals at home every week and within a reasonable investment. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a wide range of ingredients to cook for ourselves or others, no matter how busy our schedule is.

     Now I want to give back.

      I have written the basic cooking guides and tested quality kitchen tools to make our lives in the kitchen easier. The patience to prepare meals can be a rewarding long-term experience and finding good investments.

Look Beyond the Kitchen

     Learning to cook can give you a new respect for the process and those who have prepared meals for you. I’ve got cooking methods that could help you explore various recipes and use them to discover new techniques. And introduce others who wouldn’t expect to add to create a new flavor. You can take full advantage of preparing healthy meals and selecting a suitable meal plan leaving extra money in your pocket.  

     That’s where at Meal Plan Letter will plan wisely to indicate a recipe to determine how much money to spend and how to stay within an average budget. I can provide you the tools to compare your own decisions, but only you can create your own lifestyle.

      With my recommendations, I can improve your knowledge of eating a wide variety of healthy foods to ensure that you are developing good eating habits and to create a meal. I am not a nutritionist or a chef, but I can provide you with information to follow techniques with a report following safety guidelines and cooking equipment.

       Over the years’ I’ve learned a lot about meal planning, understanding the cooking appliances to use as your tool as excellent time savers. No one enjoys waiting as our stomach growls or a random craving for something sweet. So, I would like the chance to get out of the kitchen and reach out.

What You Need to Know

     I firmly believe that Meals at Home is the absolute best site you can find today, and I’m not just saying that to toot my own horn. Cooking has been a part of my daily life, I provide my results with both facts and background, and I have fed over 100 people for fundraiser events. I express my supportive feedback on the food I find and share. Every experience is a treasure ready to be explored that could open new doors. Helping my community is my way to learn as I have volunteered to prepare ingredients for community fundraisers, the homeless, and family gatherings. It is hard to beat the satisfaction of preparing quality food with a selection of ingredients. So, I have poured months of research and experience so anyone can develop the basic skills to appreciate good food both at home or outside.

     Since our shutdown in 2020, everyone has to be safe and stay home. Therefore, my goal is to create a community that values cooking at home, sharing experiences, and participating in fun cooking events online.

     Meal Plan Press

     Every week, you’ll receive your issue delivered directly to your inbox. Please read it as soon as you get a chance because the opportunities can come fast; you’ll need to be prepared to act on the information quickly. And any time there’s a crucial announcement of recommended cooking equipment, or if I want to get immediate word to you about a selected meal to try, I’ll do so through an email alert to review my findings.

        These email broadcasts can come at any time, so being online is the fastest, most efficient way to stay on top of my recommendations. As with coordinating a time table, I think you’ll find my commitment to the clock refreshing.

      Finally, as a Free, added benefit for subscribing, you’ll start getting my weekly blog posts delivered to your inbox in a readable style you can finish up by the time your coffee cup is empty.

 To your healthy future and happy tummies,

     Please share your comments about the post. I appreciate your feedback.

     Thank you.


      Founder of JohnsMealTicket

     website: johnsmealticket.com

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  1. Hi John,

    Very interesting. I can see you have put a lot of work into this.

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    Uncle Paul

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