Compare and Review 7 Meal Kit Services (April 2021)

     Food subscription boxes are the gifts on your doors – especially when it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Let’s review and compare a list of six private Meal Services (Daily Harvest, FActor75, Gobble, Hungry Root, Marleyspoon, Splendid Spoon & Sunbasket;). Have you wondered what you’re paying is worth it? If you want to find the best Meal Service to add an element of convenience to your life, eat healthily and save time, not worrying about planning out meals to feed the family. My recommendation is to select a Meal Service base on its location, ways to keep the food healthy, provide quality results reaching its delivery, and the overall process to practice sustainability development. JohnsMealTicket supports Sunbasket. So Why? Let the article explain further sharing facts, and methods. 

“As a note,  I haven’t yet tasted the food to deliver a promising review. This review is base on providing information communicating to each program comparing their efforts separately to compare a sustainable environment.”

Where did each Meal Service begin?

Every company has started somewhere with the idea of meal planning. Eating healthy can seem like an easy task until you’re at the point where you’re sitting there thinking. “What should I eat?” As the food industry is so complex to track which farmers grew and raised the produce, how can a customer review each Meal Service program? (1) Assure a customer’s experience gaining the satisfying flavors the company offers from where it was produced. I believe the amount of research and the selection of ingredients to create a suitable meal plan can reflect the service’s brand. Like, I have never compared a pizza made from New York and California. However, the brand defines both the location and its quality from the cooks. I provided a list of each Meal Services headquarters provided by their website. Should a customer base a meal service by its location base on the available farmers and ranchers within each location? I believe, yes. Shown below will explain my reason for using the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) map to review each meal plan determining how easily accessible it is to acquire fresh ingredients.

List of Meal Services Headquarters

  1. Daily Harvest: New York
  2. Factor75: Chicago, IL
  3. Gobble: San Francisco, CA
  4. Hungry Root: New York
  5. Marleyspoon: New York | Berlin, Germany, and Alexandria, Australia
  6. Splendid Spoon: New York
  7. Sun Basket: San Francisco, CA | London, England

Source: USDA: National Agriculture Statistics Service published January 1, 2020 (Click the image to view my YouTube Channel)

USDA Food Map 2020

Do you know where your food comes from? This review will share how sustainable a Meal Service delivers and prepare your meal kits based on each organization.

Each Meal Service shares a unique approach to building sustainable development to provide quality, freshness, and nutritional value. Food freshness is the highest priority to reach your doorstep. What if you can pinpoint where your food was possibly purchased from local farmers and produced? Let’s review how this article can provide a customer with a decision to judge based on the price and how it’s packaged? I will let you make that decision as I explain further.

The list of programs providing different selections of diet options, specifically organic foods, and the ingredients must be certified by either the FDA/USDA. Meaning a certified Meal Service program shares a vision to provide higher quality products to support local economies, confirming your order is organic meals that meet the USDA organic regulations. They value your health that it’s worth the price to pay. Here is a list of programs certified by the USDA:

Who is USDA Certified?

Daily Harvest: No: 95% percent of the ingredients are organic.

Factor75: Yes

Gobble: Nope, but the team seeks to continue improving their experience. (Spoke with customer service)

Hungry Root: No: The team consciously sources organic whenever they can. To learn more, visit their website.

Marley Spoon:  Yes. Shared by the Team of Marley Spoon states “Our network of regional and national producers support the proper and humane treatment of animals through individually-established standards. These standards vary slightly from producer to producer but can include the following elements to assure animal welfare and product quality:
– Consistent and well-crafted standard operating procedures including low-stress animal movement and ensuring chickens are relieved of pain before processing
– Internal and third-party verification standards including the National Chicken Council Chicken Guarantees (, FSNS, and Pork Quality Assurance Plus® compliance
– Continual improvement processes to ensure animal welfare
– Farmers trained in animal welfare
– Monitoring by licensed veterinarians
– Humane treatment in accordance with company procedures, third-party standards, and in compliance with USDA regulations”.

Splendid Spoon: No. Respectfully, the service states, “We absolutely put fresh, healthy ingredients at the top of our mission. With that in mind, 95% of our smoothies are organic and we are 100% GMO-free. When creating our soup and grain bowls we prioritize the “Dirty Dozen” list (Celery, Tomatoes, Kale, Potatoes, Spinach, and Strawberries to name a few) while sourcing. For more information on what’s organic vs. conventionally grown, have a look at our ingredients on our meals page or the labels on your containers.”

Sunbasket: Yes

I follow the USDA Foods programs’ free public data as my source to provide you a general analysis to visually map organic ingredients. Why I use USDA? It’s because they map 100 percent American grown crops and produced. Once you can determine their location, you can be updated on the beast season foods grown in your county, select specific meals within their menu and determine why it’s packaged specifically to keep the food cold.

  Package Method

Packaging plays the most crucial role in ensuring food safety and new possibilities. Food storage is important because it will secure a customer’s delivery to its destination. In review, each Meal Plan Service provides different methods to package their ingredients. Also, it can be appropriately disposed of, either reused, recycled, composted, or trashed. It’s the ability to join a Meal Service that would support selected waste management methods to improve environmental benefits and develop cheaper delivery methods to reduce their price and keep the food cool possibly. Can recyclable material improve the installation to keep the ingredients cool? The idea is to recognize the demand of customers who support reusing, recycling, and compost items. Reducing solid waste while preserving the foods could be economically beneficial for anyone to acquire the items they need. Future research is required to compare the price and usage to keep the temperature cool between recyclable foil box liner, denim insulation, or paper box liner. My recommendation is to select the nearest Meal Service to reduce a companies carbon footprint and possible materials to keep the package cool. Remember, every delivery would be continuously delivered at a rotating schedule, and waste could be a home issue.

As shown below, I have compared and rated each Meal Services packaging method by the number of materials and alternate options to be disposed of provided by their websites.

Shown below will be a chart comparing each Meal Plan Service. Note: Remember to wisely dispose of your unused packaging materials within the correct bins to avoid unwanted debris contamination in the environment.








Notes: Daily Harvest states, “We believe that frozen truly showcases real food at its best. By freezing our ingredients, we can provide the highest quality nutrients, flavor, and texture possible. We pick our produce at peak ripeness and freeze it within hours of harvest to lock in all of the nutrients, flavors, and texture”.







Note: Factor75 states, “Always fresh. We deliver the meals in insulated boxes filled with frozen gel packs designed to keep your food at refrigerated temperatures through transit. 

Note: Gobble states, “We frequently adjust our packaging with added insulation and ice packs to account for seasonality and location, ensuring.”

Note: Everything will be chilling in a cold box by two large cold, dry ice packages beneath the groceries. 

Note: Marley Spoon states, “Our meats and fish is frozen when it leaves the warehouse, so it arrives cold and ready to be used. The ingredients will be cooled using ice packs and insulated liners to keep contents cool during the delivery of the box. .”

Note: Splendid Spoon states, “Our smoothies are made in small batches with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, and are High Pressure Processed to extend shelf life and maintain nutritional properties of the raw ingredients. The bottles are pressurized at cold temperatures to kill potentially harmful pathogens. This preserves the natural nutritional value and flavor of all the raw ingredients.” So their attempt to keep the cool temperature trapped is using insulated paper. 

Note: Sunbasket states, “The packaging is made of recyclable and compostable materials. Even the insulation that keeps the food at the appropriate temperature”.


Overall, do you see a difference between other meal delivery services to build sustainable development? Eating healthy food is important to our health, benefiting the environment and the economy. However, the methods to deliver a package could be a double-edged sword if the materials used to preserve your food would end back in a landfill. Again I have stated, I haven’t tasted the food to compare the flavors and enjoyment. I would recommend investing in a Meal Service that provides local foods or could present ethnical foods delivered to my doorstep at a reasonable price.

Is there no alternative at this time, or does Sunbasket share a better example in long-term invest? Based on the available data, the results to select Sunbasket with a five-star review base on selecting 40% of its package material to be compostable. I recommend more research and questions are needed to select a Meal Service with alternative long-term waste issues to develop sustainable results to package the ingredients. Second, I believe further research is required to compare how different selections of foods would be impacted by being preserved frozen, flash-frozen, or using ice packs. Will it preserve the organic ingredients’ satisfactory flavor, nutrient content, and texture?  It could help make the most of your food dollars, and you decided to invest in these Meal Services to prevent spoilage and a healthy meal plan.

As a result, shown below:

Daily Harvest support freezing their food, stating their ingredients will provide the highest quality nutrients, flavor, and texture possible.

Factor75, Gobbler uses Frozen Gel Packs that are frequently adjust with added insulation to account for seasonality and location, ensuring the food doesn’t spoil.

Hungry Root and Sunbasket uses two dry ice packages placing them beneath the groceries.

Splendid Spoon high pressurizes the meals at cold temperatures to extend shelf life and maintain the raw ingredients and bottle drinks’ nutritional properties.

To learn about sustainability, visit my website:

Writer Comment: The information provided above was collected to help you decide your selection to benefit your meal plan and receive quality ingredients. As the information is publicly available by visit each Meal Kit Website. Every Meal Plan Kit shares their pros and cons. Meal Programs are continuing to grow to be available to your homes. Remember, waste is the top environmental issue in the USA and internationally. Food distribution is essential for private organizations to thrive on meeting the demand of customers. Thank you for reading my article. Please share your comment on their websites and below to share your feedback. 

I appreciate your time and support.

Thank you.


Flash Frozen: to freeze something, especially food, quickly using very low temperatures, in a way that does not produce ice crystals (Cambridge Dictionary)

High Pressured: Combining heat and steam to cook food quickly. (Amanda Capritto)

Reuse: to use something again. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Recycle: to use something again for a different purpose. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Compostable: Something that is compostable can be used as compost when it decays. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Trash: Something that is of low quality. (Cambridge Dictionary)

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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed review about Meal Kit Services. I really didn’t know any of this. But I think all of these do a great service. Among them, I think Daily Harvest and Splendid Spoon are very good. Because 95% of it is organic. Keep posting like this.

    • Thank you for your feedback. As I love to learn about cooking and support quality meal prep programs. I agree meal prep delivery programs can be expensive but are a great way to get motivated back into a healthy diet. Learn More

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