Compare Approaches of Various Organizations to Food | 2021

      “No one can thrive on an empty stomach.” Thus, organizations have interlinked value-adding operations that are aimed at benefitting the American community through aggregation, production, processing, consumption, distribution, and disposal of food products that originate from fisheries, forestry, agriculture and form broader, societal, economic, and natural environments. These organizations use media differently to inform and educate the public on how their products and services can positively impact their lives. In this guide, I have provided information on how organizations have positively impacted the community through their activities. 

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

     The USDA is a federal agency responsible for proposing programs and implementing regulations and policies relevant to ranching, forestry, farming, food quality, and nutrition in America. Besides, it was founded by Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1862. This federal agency provides leadership on agriculture, food, natural resources, nutrition, rural development, and related issue depending on the public policy, effective management, and the available science.  The agency has a strategic plan that has to describe the core values that direct its workforce towards the achievement of the organizational goals as well as measuring their progress and guiding the decision-making process.  The agency is determined to provide economic opportunity by utilizing innovative measures to help the American community thrive. Also, it wants to promote agriculture production that supports the livelihoods of Americans and helps those in need across the world.   

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)

    Agriculture has been the backbone of this state. California has combined both tradition and innovation to maintain and secure its status as the most productive agricultural state. Thus, in 1919, CDFA was created to protect and promote agriculture. This department operates to ensure a healthy food supply to citizens in California and promote local and global agricultural trade through effective and efficient management, sound science, and innovation while being committed to environmental stewardship. Also, the organization wants to be a respected agricultural agency across the world, leading with excellence in its services and programs.

Certified Farmers Market Websites

   Farmers markets decide to establish websites to provide a flexible marketing opportunity without affecting the existing product marketing system. The CFMs have considerable benefits both to consumers and the agricultural community. These websites provide an opportunity for small farmers to market their agricultural products. This enables the stay in the business through increased income. According to an update published by CDFA on July 1st, 2021, in California, there are 702 CFMs, which utilize the websites to establish their presence.

Local Harvest

     Local produce is gaining much attention based on various reasons. For instance, Central Coast of California, an independent group, creates a website that will enable the users to find local farmers to access their farm produce. These websites locate farmers markets, CSAs, family farms, and farm stands that enable users to get tastier and fresher farm produce, support the local producers and farmers, get more information of the farm produce, keeping in touch with the season, as well as conserves environment through fewer emissions, energy and food miles. Thus, these websites want to develop a community-based system that supports the local farmers through online means. is an online platform that provides information and guidance for various cooking. It uses community-driven content, services, and products that inspire the home cooks. The members mostly post the content, then edited by the staff of This brand has gained multiple print and digital audiences by providing food trends and news, instructional pieces, and product reviews in order to improve the modern experience of foodies and home cooks across the country with regard to the evolution of their preferences and habits.

What is


Considerably, you have trouble researching about food; have you sorted. Notably, this website provides answers to food dilemmas as we appreciate the efforts of the organizations discussed above. is an independent market affiliate online platform that offers its audience meals plans and advice, education on California Agriculture, information on our certified markets, and possible cost-effective food waste management methods. Besides, is a resource for information that will enlighten and provide insights to California family farmers who significantly contribute to the agricultural activities in this largest agricultural producing state in the U.S. Additionally, the consumers will be connected with the local harvest to have the accessibility to seasonally and freshly picked farm produced for quality and improved nutrition. Also, provides background research to enable consumers to get quality farm produce.

      In addition, we propose these alternatives:

     1. Create an interactive food map of California counties that uses Geographic Information of Science (GIS) to offer sophisticated visual guidance to introduce interest by collecting information and analyzing suitable locations recommended by farmers and supportive scientific results.

      2. Create Free Printable Eco-Sustainable Meal Packages.

      3. Present programs that share our vision to provide customers access to quality food that may be affordable for those who may have busy schedules and benefit our state’s local economy.

     According to CDFA, California contributes over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits. Thus, this state significantly supports the country’s economy through its diverse farming industry. For more information about California’s agricultural progress, follow our websites to keep updated. Learn more 

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