Compare Approaches of Various Organizations to Food | 2021

      “No one can thrive on an empty stomach.” Each website has its system and style, but if you choose carefully, you’ll be able to get the same results using each source. If you are a farmer or a consumer, which site would benefit your personal goals? Each organization has interlinked value-adding operations that are aimed at benefitting the American community through aggregation, production, processing, consumption, distribution, and disposal of food products that originate from fisheries, forestry, and agriculture and form broader, societal, economic, and natural environments. These organizations use media differently to inform and educate the public on how their products and services can positively impact their lives. In this guide, I have provided information on how organizations have positively impacted the community through their activities VS

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

     The USDA is a federal agency responsible for proposing programs and implementing regulations and policies relevant to ranching, forestry, farming, food quality, and nutrition in America. Besides, it was founded by Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1862. This federal agency provides leadership on agriculture, food, natural resources, nutrition, rural development, and related issue depending on public policy, effective management, and the available science.  The agency has a strategic plan that has to describe the core values that direct its workforce towards achieving the organizational goals, measuring their progress, and guiding the decision-making process.  The agency is determined to provide economic opportunity by utilizing innovative measures to help the American community thrive. Also, it wants to promote agriculture production that supports the livelihoods of Americans and helps those in need worldwide.

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)

Agriculture has been the backbone of this state. California has combined both tradition and innovation to maintain and secure its status as the most productive agricultural state. Thus, in 1919, CDFA was created to protect and promote agriculture. The CDFA Department works to ensure a healthy food source for citizens in California. The department promotes local agriculture by promoting certified markets for farmers. The department also ensures enough food is available to sustain the population. The CDFA Department is committed to environmental stewardship.

Certified Farmers Market Websites

Visit your Certified Farmers’ Markets. The CFMs have considerable benefits both to consumers and the agricultural community. As the customer, your money benefits family farmers’ hard labor and dedication to provide an opportunity to establish their presence in private businesses and entrepreneurs.

Local Harvest

   Local Harvest is an online directory of farmers in the USA. Farmers can list their farms and sell their products through this platform.

Find your local farmer from the map or search by zip code, state, or county. You can also find farms that offer different types of produce, meat, eggs, honey, and dairy products. The website has a Shop tab where you can buy food items unavailable at your local grocery store.

What are CFA Farmers?

CFA Farms is a farm-to-table company that delivers fresh produce to customers weekly. They partner with Local Harvest to provide their customers with organic and non-organic produce from local farmers in the US.


It’s as easy to sign up, create an account, and fill in your information about our farm. is a website that has been in the cooking industry for over 20 years. It has a database of more than five million recipes and is constantly growing with new recipes every day. The website also offers a way for users to rate and share their recipes with others on the site. is a great resource for those who are looking to learn how to cook or those who are looking for inspiration on what to make next in the kitchen.

Pros: provides users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to search through all of their options quickly and easily by category, ingredient, or dish type. The site also has an extensive recipe database that includes both user-generated and professional recipes, which can be filtered by dietary restrictions. is a great way to learn how to cook, but there are some drawbacks as well:

-it doesn’t teach the fundamentals of cooking

-the recipes are not always accurate, which can lead to disaster in the kitchen

-the sustainability of the recipes is questionable because they don’t use organic ingredients or sustainable ingredients

What is is a great place for people who want to learn more about healthy eating, sustainable living, and seasonal produce. is a website that provides services. The website allows people to learn about sustainability, which is the act of sustaining something over time, and the benefits of cooking their meals instead of ordering food or eating out. They have a blog that provides recipes and tips for growing food at home.

The pros of are that it helps people learn about sustainability, teaches them how to cook healthier meals for themselves, and teaches them how to grow their own food. The cons are that not everyone can afford to buy all the ingredients needed for these recipes or grow their vegetables in their backyard or on their balcony.

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  1. Many people in the food industry are not aware of the multi-sectoral efforts to protect the populace. The efforts of the USDA, the CDFA and other local states, and the private agricultural organizations will be in vain if consumers do not appreciate and support the programs and services for sustainable development, sustainable environment, and sustainable food supply.

    I salute you for bringing this topic up to raise awareness on the individual roles of each citizen within the food-supply chain by studying and comparing approaches of various organizations toward food.

    May you post more articles about this topic.

    God bless you

  2. I really enjoyed the background history of the USDA and CDFA. Also, I like the multi-faceted information system of giving people many choices to fit their needs.

    Local Mom and Pops stores can be ideal for healthier choices as they are organic and fruits and vegetables in your region bypass long transportation times.

    Certified farmer´s markets are also a good alternative. I also like the fact that John´s Meal Ticket offers solutions to many food dilemmas.

    Many people need information and ideas to embark on or sustain their healthy lifestyle choices and I believe they can find this information at John`s Meal Ticket.

    • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions; we’ll be sure to pass this along to the team. Please contact us if you need any assistance or want to share suggestions or feedback.

       I enjoyed the background history of the USDA and CDFA. Also, I like the multi-faceted information system of giving people many choices to fit their needs. Local Mom and Pops stores can be ideal for healthier choices as they are organic and fruits and vegetables in your community.


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