Who is involved to bring our community together to get ourselves on a a healthy lifestyle. Find your community today.

California Certified Farmers

     From the first bite of a fresh picked vegetable to your meats sold by a certified farmer, quality is the most important ingredient available at the Certified Farmers Market. Local farmers share a vision to introduce, educate, and grow quality seasonal foods picked straight from the source. And sold at our community, allowing us to start healthy lifestyles. Excellent individuals can start the cycle to share interests of pushing towards new enjoyments and long-term investments so stay healthy.


     Who share an interest to plant innovations in the economy? The growth of these innovations attract bees—scientists and engineers—and advance their skills, pushing them toward new techniques, discoveries, and careers.


     Who seeks to share information about food and human nutrition? One big way to do that is to pay attention to what you eat. Switching your diet isn’t easy. Instead, try to make four better choices a day. It’ll help you make progress without too much additional effort.

Meal Planners/Cook

     Who believes to bring quality food to the table ?  While cooking can bring someone enjoyment in food,  great cooks dive in and try new things both in the kitchen and with our environment.  

Physical Trainers/Athlete

    Have a busy life filled with responsibilities that require your attention ? Time is valuable. Lets introduce the right best program to join with a long-term investment to keep us staying healthy and make our lives easier. Learn the system to view our lifestyle in a bigger picture to stay healthy.