Who is involved to bring our community together to get ourselves on a a healthy lifestyle. Find your community today.

Which stage are you in ?

Picking Tasty Foods

What does your taste buds say about the food you eat? Listen to your human sensation to learn about your food to smell, taste and touch. Find the answer to your food questions selecting your ingredients. 

  1. Where is the food from?
  2. Will I feel full ?
  3. Do I feel energized ?

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Growing Food

What’s your favorite season of the year? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Learn about how your location can impact    Many farmers select a suitable timeline to grow the best produce to seed, and harvest throughout California. Farmers local in your county 

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Meal Planning/Cooking

   Meal planning is most successful when you keep things simple. Learn more to create a system. 

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    Have a busy life filled with responsibilities that require your attention ? Time is valuable. Time to invest in yourself staying healthy and make our lives easier. Learn my 5 easy steps.

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