JohnsMealTicket seeks a limited and select group of companies with which to work. Please contact us if you believe we would be a good partner for you.



    How are local farmers selected to your website ? selects organic California farmers who sell their produce at certified farmers markets under the Certified Department Food & Agriculture (CDFA). Our mission is to get farmers on our radar to contact and share your website link to bring traffic to your website. Contact us and introduce your business.  

    How do I source my data ?

    All data is collected by reaching our California Farmers who share my Mission . analyze the data to locate the best suitable locations to grow crops in California using environmental science/geospatial science results from, farmers, and more.   

    What is a Meal Plan Print Package?

    It is a Free Weekly customized eco-meal plan document with a grocery list and sources to learn about our farmers who produce those ingredients. Learn more.

    Join and signup to the Newsletter located on the top right under the search bar of the Home Page. Participants will receive a free meal package providing popular searched meals through You will get meals using ingredients that are in seasoned shared by our farmers who pick, found at California Farmers Markets, and Grocery Stores.  

    Do you offer Food Services?

    No. We don’t deliver food or grow our own produce. We are not a farm. To learn more about our service. Click

    How is a Meal Plan Print Package designed?

    We us to create our meal plan packages. We have our own tool that will sort the meals highly searched through Google Trends to select three meals sharing similar ingredients, supports a balance diet, and helps a viewer enjoy cooking/eating good food every day.  

    How can I make a donation?

    Visit my Donation page to learn where your money will go and how it will be used. We appreciate your support by participating in our efforts to expand our mission by providing reliable information.