Easy Trifecta Nutritional 3 Month Review

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     I joined a meal prep delivery service called Trifecta Nutrition. I wanted to eat tasty, nutritious foods ready to be eaten. The idea for this blog was to share how I lost 21 lbs by joining the program with exercising. I will list its pros and cons and a shared review of eating their dinner meals for three months every day.

What is Trifecta Nutrition?

      Trifecta Nutrition is an organic meal prep delivery service that caters primarily to athletes to provide a variety of ready, delicious, nutritious meals. Trifecta Nutrition operates out of Northern California and delivers local food all over the USA.

         What Types of Diets are Available?

     The website offers different types of structured diet meal plans like paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, and clean. In addition, add a limit of two preferences when adding to the cart. However, the company does provide a free app and a quiz to select pre-cooked meals online/over the phone (24/7 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST return back within 24 hrs.) to reach your goals with high-quality ingredients and balanced macro nutrition. However, the company does not recommend or provide a specific diet plan.

Shown below were my top recommended meal plan programs.


                 Clean Meal Plan                                    Paleo Meal Plan                    Classic Meal Plan

     As a full-time student, I appreciate the available professional service to answer my questions to suit my budget. It may not be for everyone, but let me share why I stayed so long. 1) No delivery fees 2) Ready-set meals quality meals ready to be heated 3)I paid less money than my monthly food bill.

Pros and Cons


  • Meals are well vacuumed sealed packaged
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Substantial portion sizes
  • Avoid Major Allergens
  • Delivery


  • Texture and flavor may not suit everyone
  • Cancellation is required over the phone
  • Expensive


     Trifecta is my top 2 recommended delivery service as a California resident, like many meal delivery services. It is easy and fasts to prepare a vacuum-sealed pre-cooked meal than shopping and cooking your meals. Here are a few selected examples that give Trifecta an edge over the competition.

  • Package: Vacuumed Sealed Packaged in clean, transparent containers. It saves space and keeps the fresh food lasting longer in the freezer compared to ordinary storage methods.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Trifecta chefs avoid processed and refined foods and use an exciting variety of spices and seasonings. They only use popular suitable cooking oils like olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. No butter in the food. The A La Carte ingredients, are fully prepared and lightly seasoned with onion, garlic, parsley, salt, or pepper (no added butter or oils).
  • Substantial portion sizes: Eat a balanced meal to avoid overeating by eating a hearty meal. The meals provide protein and fiber, so you will feel full after eating.
  • Different eating styles accommodated: They provide easy ways to customize a meal plan to accommodate specific food needs and allergens (soy, fish, gluten, dairy, etc.). For example, try the a la carte menu to customize a meal plan to meet your dietary needs.
  • Delivery: Trifecta delivers everywhere in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, with free shipping on all orders. However, some states require sales tax to be added to your order, so depending on where you live, you may see an additional tax added to your order total.


Before investing in a Trifecta subscription, here were the issues.

  • Texture and flavor may not suit everyone: A tasty meal to one consumer may not satisfy another. Give it a chance to start limited orders before purchasing a large order. For example, if you like cooked vegetables (with a hint of crunch or texture), you may have trouble with these meals. Most of the meals received for this review were a combination of protein (such as chicken or beef) combined with a spice blend of very lightly chopped vegetables mixed in flavor and texture. . Cooking methods can also play a role in whether or not you enjoy these meals. For example, the microwave is often not the best way to prepare meat or seafood. If you don’t like the texture of your meal, try the stovetop or oven method. It can make a slight difference in the texture of proteins (but not vegetables).
  • Cancellation is required over the phone: You must call the company to cancel your Trifecta order. This is the only change that cannot be made online. It can be difficult to contact someone at Trifecta by phone. Once the food review for this article is complete, we cannot reach someone by phone at Trifecta, but email may resolve the issue.
  • Expenses: Trifecta Nutrition provides several meal plans that vary in price, depending on the number of servings a customer selects each week. For example, a list of how much each plan costs:
    • Vegan and vegetarian plans: $10.29–$11.59 per serving
    • Classic plan: starting at $9.97 per serving
    • Paleo, keto, and “clean” plans: $13.79–$15.49 per serving

      Source: Trifecta: Review, Pros, Cons, Cost, and More. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/trifecta-meals

How does Trifecta Nutrition benefit my lifestyle?

Do you experience these four examples of buying groceries?

  • Order online due to a busy schedule
  • Don’t like to cook
  • Want to lose weight by eating the proper diet 4) Want to save money.

     I enjoy fresh vegetables, meats, and noodles for a delicious dinner with a glass of red wine. The Meat Lover Kit(A La Carte) is a recommendation and the following week the Budget Bundle kit.

     Nothing can’t compare to a home-cooked meal. Except, I would be fortunate to have time to cook at least once per week due to work and the high costs of produce, meats, and dairy. It’s incredible how difficult it is to say no to yourself when hunger comes around the corner. I had a high protein experience with no issue and I avoid unnecessary spending by ordering food delivered from a nearby restaurant or large frozen dinners.

Use Trifecta support with A Busy Schedule

     This is me! I can’t get a day off. I have another entire semester ahead of me! I feel I don’t know how I could even get this far. Do you think you are in the same pickle? I have met amazing classmates whom I gave tremendous respect for of their dedication and hard work as full-time parents. I can’t compare to how they get through the day. So, I enjoy sharing my experience to educate others and share your feedback.

    As a student, I would eat processed foods, fast food on campus, and much sitting. For example, eating out, on-campus, and grocery shopping would add up, estimating $150-$200 per week! I thought having two jobs would keep my finances going, but the number of hours I work doesn’t fulfill the salary I gained to live a stable lifestyle.

    I was feeling the overwhelming stress mentally and physically. Now, I can write my thoughts to change how I can manage my lifestyle and cross off my checklist.

   The choice to use the Trifecta Nutrition website’s service can produce valuable assets, to begin with. I love watching Joe Rogan’s Shows! He gave me the motivation to try the service. The website opens with an easy, quick quiz to help visitors select a suitable meal plan; it comes with a free training app, excellent 24-hour service, and appropriate size meals.

     Every Friday or Saturday, my meals are delivered to my doorstep through FedEx, UPS, and GSO from Trifecta Nutrition. Since 2020, I have lost 20lbs by eating Trifecta Nutrition plus exercising and managing my lifestyle. As a result, I saved approximately $40’s to put in for my college loans, reducing my spending on eating out and less cleaning dishes. You may not feel you can do it, but you can. I have confidence in you!

 I have a small kitchen, seek flavor, and am not particularly eager to cook.

     Cooking is a time-consuming chore, and it isn’t for everyone. However, cooking can be fun when you have all the selected ingredients to make the meal you enjoy. All Trifecta Nutrition meals feature fresh, high-quality ingredients from family-run suppliers with sustainable practices whenever possible.

     It is challenging to order affordable quality ingredients at any commercial grocery store as a cook. In addition, as food prices increase due to the demand, transportation costs and other aspects increase the food price. However, Trifecta can provide a range of diverse ingredients at a reasonable price.

     We could overcome this challenge by avoiding eating processed foods every day. The service also uses a selection of spices and seasonings to provide each meal with flavor and texture, even after reheating, which can be a common issue with prepared meals. 

Can Trifecta be cheaper than my grocery bill?

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    Tracking what you buy is vital to know where your money goes. Food is my challenge to understand how much one person can buy from multiple grocery stores and fast-food stores. Imagine feeding a family. We will need to be wise to take responsibility to keep them safe and happy. 

    Over time and with persistent effort, in both cases, life never stays the same as each day will be different. So, be aware of what you can manage to spend every week. Your wallet can feel heavy with $20 bills, and suddenly, your wallet will feel litter in a few days. So, be prepared to save the money you have left and remove any debt from your history to worry. Remember to stick with the plan and distract yourself from temptation as the EatthisMuch App could be a recommended option vs Joining A Meal Prep Delivery Service

    I recommend selecting a long-term diet to improve our motivation to lose weight. First, choose two of your favorite main ingredients you would enjoy having on your plate? For example, Chicken breast, Steak, Avocados? Next, visit Trifecta’s meal list and stick with a suitable meal plan that offers that ingredient, then change your meal plan before your second shipment. Read more about “How to Manage Food Money Tips?“.


     Trifecta Nutrition could be suitable if you want to lose weight. But, of course, exercise alone is hard to start without an effective meal plan. But then again, you don’t need to train for a 10k, or even lift or anything like that. So again, it’s a change of habits.


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