Our Offers

     Our Services offers providing tools and services that help create opportunities for California farmers and businesses. One of the tools we provide – free of charge – is in depth identifying seasonal produce sold at Certified Farmers Markets to create meal plans. 

     Locate, analyze, supply, and demand – the market and all of the agricultural factors surrounding it can be complex to track and understand. From the smallest family farms to the largest Food Manufacturing Company throughout California, all of farmers are impacted by the trends and prices within the marketplace. Having the right information at the right time is key to achieve success. 

    Our goal is to provide timely and unbiased farmers market insight that helps California farmers, business , and consumers understand these trends and make informed decisions about focusing on purchasing local, seasonal, and delivery of their products. 

   I am not a farmer, culinary chef, or health advisor and the information on the website and videos shall not be constructed as health and safety advice. If farmers, companies, or recipes are mentioned, John MAY have an ownership interest in them — DO NOT make nutritional decisions based on JohnsMealTicket Meal Plans. If you need such advice, please contact a qualified nutritionist, federal/state agricultural agency, or Certified Department Food & Agriculture Farmers Market Manager. Linked items may create a financial benefit for Any use of other media is by fair-use only. 

      This is not an advertisement of property for sale and shall not be construed as anything other than an opinion for entertainment purposes only. 

     General Questions? Please fill out the contact box visiting the Contact Page. 


Who grew our Food ?

     Our survey share an important role in collecting data from areas that don’t have updated maps. Our surveys play a crucial role to assist business, non profit organizations, and the community. 


Geographic Information of Science is our future to develop a new ability to study our planet, share data and build a career thorough technology. I offer to recommend simple steps to study our environment in a different way from earning my Masters Degree and build your own mission. 

Question: Can GIS benefit to remote work at home from GIS Enterprise availability ? 

Answer: Article “How Remote Work can offer opportunity in GIS | 2021”.

GIS Data Download

     The sources collected to design my apps, maps, and analysis are available in the files.

Please not the following: 

  • Metadata is provided in *.met text file, html, or xml files
  • Downloads are compressed zip files consisting of all necessary files for each data set including projection files and metadata.
  • The links below represent the most recent available data.
  • Labels containing this ± symbol include data dependent on parcel lines.