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JohnsMealTickets is an online platform designed to help students advance through college. We provide a simple, yet effective, solution to ensure students can search for a suitable Beneficiary to get another step closer to building their careers. Each user is encouraged to strive for personal growth and independence, while also helping other students along the way.


Assist students and professors to achieve their academic goals while helping them become self-sufficient and have the ability to help others. Beneficiaries in the agriculture and environmental practices request volunteers familiar with the Geospatial Science practices.

Now is your chance to showcase your skills and knowledge through the submission of projects that you’ve worked on, presentations, videos, publications, etc. It’s also a great opportunity to network within the community and learn about all the latest cutting-edge technologies. You’ll also get to learn from others’ experiences to expand on new methods in GIS!

Note: All Beneficiary are found through the Certified Farmers Markets under the CDFA & USDA

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