Hire a Meal Prep Professional

 It’s a real job, believe it or not! How great would it be to have someone come over to meal prep your food while you’re away at work or deliver your meal? 

     My top 10 questions to ask to meet your category. 

 1. Improve your nutrition

  • How can you help me prep a meal plan for my body to reach my weight goal?
  • Do you follow a strict meal plan that would conflict with severe food allergies or intolerance?
  • What am I missing from my diet, and how can you help me eat a balanced diet?

2. Delivery

  • Where do you deliver?
  • How will I know if I’m in your delivery area?
  • When do you deliver the meals?
  • What if I’m not home when the delivery is made?
  • Do you deliver all my meals in one day?
  • How do you keep my food fresh during delivery?
  • Do you cook special occasion meals for celebration moments, date night, or anytime?

3. Learn about your Meal Prep Professional

  •  Can you help me find alternatives to junk foods?
  • What is your range of meals you can cook?
  • What is your range of dietary restrictions are you familiar with?
  • How soon would you request to be notified of canceling a delivery?
  • Do you prep and cook your meals at my house or your kitchen?
  • What are the pricing and plans by the number of people?
  • What are your minimum and maximum order?
  • Can I choose my meals?
  • Can you turn my favorite meals healthy?
  • Do you provide a menu plan with instructions to cook my meals?

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