How Remote Work can offer opportunity in GIS | 2021

    The ability to do remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic became a historical shift in the 2020 job market. While companies required the staff to work safely at home, the future of technology is a good bet to grow in value for our economy even after the lockdown. The challenge is to educate how our college graduates will start a career as our economy adapts to generate new jobs with specific backgrounds experience using computers.

    Geographic Information System (GIS) is a field available through an enterprise online that offers other ArcGIS staff the ability to work from home with efficiency and practical product creations. As it is a growing field, the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) offers an opportunity to help students and GIS professionals apply for jobs and become more competitive in the increasing field of GIS. A GIS Analyst state,” Esri is recognized as the global standard, for not only their software but also their ground-breaking approach to GIS as science and industry.” Those who share knowledge to provide reliable information then continue reading shown below to adjust what to expect in a possible remote work environment.

Remote work demands technology

    The economy evolves and creates new jobs. The GIS work environment share is growing production to coordinate with other staff to store enormous amounts of data efficiently to manage and perform other duties as assigned. An article by Caroline Castillion, “This Is the Future Of Remote Work In 2021,” states as the percentage of working permanently from home is expected to double in 2021, according to a survey from Enterprise Technology Research (ETR). For example, as a private organization, Northrup Grumman has allowed its staff to work from home and open job positions to work remotely. Will CEOs and other companies follow to continue supporting a remote workforce compare to other agencies? The rapid transition to a remote workforce may have caught some organizations off guard. But ArcGIS is ready to support a distributed workforce. For government agencies that own ArcGIS can work in a distributed fashion. As long as it is deployed in a web GIS pattern, ArcGIS supports a remote workforce with interconnected software that can be accessed anywhere, including when users are disconnected from the network. With web GIS, employees work remotely as many companies are anxious about the new reality and benefits to the workforce.

Remote work is changing recruitment

    If your a job seeker or an employer across the globe to drive the force of online recruitment, it can be a challenge for both viewers. The service is to gain visibility to recruit a suitable member of the team. All career services events, career fairs, and recruitment opportunities will occur virtually as universities and job search sites function remotely. Online interviews have their challenges, but they also have certain advantages. A remote position requires more engagement to select who can keep enthusiasm high, being active in online meetings, and identify stand-out leaders while working at home. The challenge a job seeker must reach a key factor to convince an employer to remember as you were meeting face to face during your interview. Face to face has been a form of a connection with the candidate as it allows the candidate to understand their working culture. As organizations compete for talent, personal evaluation to manage remote workers in the new normal could change who to invest in an employee to benefit a company long term. More studies should be review in the future.

Remote work affects performance management

    Remote work can change performance management to maximize employee efficiency to oversee operation efficiency with new employees. For example, the ability to help manage remote employee performance is essential to navigate job responsibilities and meet performance expectations. The pace with GIS technology advancements is through training and conference opportunities. Technologies are changing workplace roles, expectations, and options. ESRI states to “believe learning is an essential strategy for success.” They are an international supplier of GIS software, web GIS, and geodatabase management applications. A type of organization that shares a mission is to provide employees training workshops for individuals to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve a goal. Rethinking how to set goals and identifying key performance is critical to managing remote workers too adust to the working environment.

Remote work makes cyber security vital

     The demand for secure data sharing in near-real-time is present for various operating divisions using the equipment to protect their workers. As organizations allow a significant part of the workforce to remain remote, cyber security will become an essential concern in 2021. Data in this article may differ from data on state and local websites. However, GIS technology is recognized to share situation awareness for interdisciplinary activities. For example, geospatial data can present spatial elements with location characteristics to chart the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across all geographic levels in the United States. Respectfully, no organization is sufficient resources to maintain all controls, on all devices, at all times as cyberterrorism can cause severe disruption to any network. Securing a remote workforce should be recommended to expand the perimeter for future attacks.


    As newly hired employees or returning members as the economy evolves and creates new jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that employees and employers can work from home and do it effectively without losing productivity. In a survey by Mercer, nearly 800 employers result in a higher percentage of company productivity compare to the data before the pandemic. As GIS job positions are opening the advantages of a GIS portfolio, anyone can present a Story Map. It is a remarkable tool to create an interactive narrator that can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness through a digitized service, a product online and attract viewers’ creativity. Only time will tell to take the opportunity to use GIS at home.

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