How to be Happy and Enjoy Life

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  Are you looking for a special moment to spend quality time after a busy day? You don’t have to break the bank when you want to have a date night. Social distancing and being stuck at home ain’t easy. We look at it as an opportunity to enjoy peaceful times alone. But, yes, there is such a thing as too much quality time. Haha! Under this stay-at-home order and not being able to go out to socialize, we have had to come up with creative ways to have date nights still. Here’s how we plan date nights in quarantine. 

How did the pandemic change how we buy food?

   Eating takeout was a convenient way to get food on the table after a busy day. Now, it’s transformed into a way to safely enjoy food from our favorite restaurants while staying at home. But why eat your local chef-prepared cuisine out of those sad takeout containers when you could recreate the restaurant experience at home? Why not spend a little extra time re-plating the food, lighting a few candles, and treating your date to an extra special meal at home or even through your webcam? And better yet, why not invest a little extra time when cooking at home to do this regularly?

As we all adjust to new schedules and stresses, sitting down to relish a beautiful, shared meal together is a powerful means to connect. To help you make the most of your mealtime, we’ve compiled this list of tips to elevate your takeout game and at-home cooking skills. You’ll also find links to find love in today’s world, especially if your faith is important to you. Finally, here’s how we plan date nights in quarantine. 

     It can be something simple and free, or it can be as extravagant as you want. The main point of date night is to spend time together, so don’t focus too much on which activities to choose. Instead, just pick something out that you know both of you or yourself will enjoy doing. I really put some thought into making this list so that in the future, I make my life easier by having this list to refer back to anytime I need a last-minute idea for a date night at home.     

Idea List

1. Gardening

As a previous resident in Northern California in the Redwoods, the experience of volunteering to volunteer and starting community gardens inspired me to add gardening to the list. The reflection on how we as a community should value how no living thing in the world can exist without water, including humans, animals, and plants. So, in pursuit of happiness, I decided to take my life and livelihood back to when people had everything unpolluted and the world was a happy, stress-free place. So in pursuing happiness through gardening for a sustainable life, I realized that being self-sufficient has many benefits.

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2. Learning Empowers You

Learning contributes to the well-being of individuals and communities, and it also has a positive effect on nations. Researchers from Umea University have studied 15,000 people in 25 countries every two years since 2002 and found that when countries support higher levels of education, their citizens are happy, healthy, and stronger.

Learning has enormous benefits in terms of today’s abilities and tomorrow’s accomplishments and the fulfillment in your work and life. So be curious, seek knowledge, and never stop learning.

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3. Seek Entertainment

These pop-up drive-in movie series might be the biggest entertainment events of the season. So here is my list of recommended sites followed by Yelp with prices worth the cost, no smoking, and a good place to bring kids.   

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4. Celebrate a Special Day

Wine is one of those beverages everyone should experience having in-store for a special occasion. With more than a thousand varieties of grapes used to make wine, it’s probably no surprise there are so many different types of red wine. Learning about wines is a great way to bond with our local farmers and your special others. You can organize a wine tasting in your own home.  You can even cook with different selections of wines. Red wine is a crucial ingredient in many recipes, where it can be served to make that night rememberable.

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Set Your Dinner Like a Pro  

How do you redefine attraction? Look at yourself in this process too. As we all adjust to trying something new, looking to level up your at-home cooking skills ( or want to impress your date with a made from scratch feast seriously), visit Meal Plan Press for more information.  

    If you’re new to cooking or want to add to your existing skillset, my packages will provide a printable grocery list, menu, and tutorial sources to successfully cook the dish. Second, do you need help creating an ethnic atmosphere at the dining table or kitchen? Visit my page 3 Easy Steps to Dine at Home. Everyone deserves a relaxing day to stay at home and have the experience to create an easy night after the date. 

Hit the Farmers Market

 I love visiting the Farmers’ Markets to grab locally grown, in-season ingredients. Visit my recommended Farmers Markets Chart to provide the key ingredients to fit your special date. 

Thank you for reading my blog to bring romance back during our stressful year. Please leave a comment below and share your friendly feedback. Please stay safe and enjoy browsing through

7 thoughts on “How to be Happy and Enjoy Life

  1. These are great tips to have a dinner date with your spouse. I have been married for 25 years, and we still take dinner dates to drive-in movies after romantic dinner at home. It’s important to take time with your spouse in my opinion to keep your marriage together. I will be sharing this review with my social network. 

  2. It is very difficult to keep your distance from those you love. But these are nice tips, and I especially like the last “Hit the Market”, you are outside and enjoying the fresh air, while buying fresh groceries :). Of course, during the quarantine, we all tried to cook at one point, some of them succeeded, but in the end I always ordered food. Just keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. If you ever got some dating tips while social distancing or planning a special date for the singles out there. Please share your comments. Stay safe

  3. These are incredible tips to have a supper date with your companion. I have been hitched for a very long time, we actually take supper dates to drive-in films after heartfelt supper at home. It’s essential to require some investment with your companion as I would like to think to keep your marriage together. I will be imparting this survey to my interpersonal organization.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. The ability to help build relationships is a value to support. My tips for selecting the best ingredients near our home could spice up a date and enjoy with our other.  Stay safe.

  4. These are all great ideas.  I sure do wish we had drive-in movie theaters here.  I remember how fun they were going to a movie with the family  I live in Florida, and I imagine the reason we don’t have any is that it really does not cool off at night except in the winter (which is just a couple of months).  Seems like the rest of the year they could rent out the space for something. 

    1. Thank you for your great feedback. I still enjoy indoor movie theaters with great AC. Going to a drive-in movie theater is more relaxing than taking your date to a cramped movie theater. Enjoy your next movie night. 

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