How to live well with diabetes?

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    Type 2 Diabetes affects millions of people around the world. People need to eat healthy foods to prevent this disease. To avoid buying unhealthy foods, join a dieting program to educate yourself about eating healthier. Consider visiting our filter page, Meal Plan Press.

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  Good nutrition can increase overall energy and health, prolonging your independence. Good nutrition can also control or prevent certain diseases like diabetes and kidney failure. Diabetes is ranked among the leading causes of mortality in the US. Additionally, it is the leading cause of lower-limb amputation, adult blindness, and kidney failure.

The disease is attributed to the high percentage of blood glucose in the body system. Diabetes can be classified into Types 1 and 2(Salsali and Muriel, pg. 352). Statistics show that in the United States, there are steadily rising cases of type 2 diabetes within the low and middle class.

     According to CDC, type 2 diabetes is a common condition among Americans. Over 34 million people have diabetes, and about 95% are diagnosed with type 2. This condition is more prevalent in individuals above 45 years, but young adults, teens, and children also develop the disease.

Between 2014 and 2020, there was a 5% increase in diabetes cases across the USA (“Center for Disease Control and Prevention,” par 1). Furthermore, the condition is common in low and middle-class people. However, this does not leave other attributes like generic inheritance and even among the rich. Research shows that poor healthcare access, poor diets, and lack of adequate exercise are attributed to complications among the classes.

     Managing blood sugars in the body is crucial to people living with diabetes, and a good diet helps control blood sugars. A healthy diet means eating the right amount of healthy food at the right time.

Eating well helps to maintain the blood sugars within the correct range. However, maintaining a good diet is a challenge for low-income earners (Marcy et al., pg. 22). They end up making unhealthy food deserts due to expensive food options.

A low-income population could be more prone to develop diabetes because of poor diet, unsafe living environments, stressful situations, and high rates of obesity.

    Furthermore, working conditions can contribute to stressful routines that attract convenient and cheap food options containing large amounts of sugar and salt. Therefore, it is difficult for households to choose and maintain healthy food options with low-income levels. Additionally, fast and cheap foods such as cookies, soda, and candy are accessible at less money in the grocery stores (Dominguez, et al., par 7).  However, they contain low-quality carbohydrates and may be costly in the consumer’s long-run health as a poor diet leads to poor health.

     Meal planning and frequent consultation with dietary experts to have a healthy eating plan and have a good source of information on the tips and strategies for having a balanced diet are paramount (“World Health Organization,” pg. 40). There is a need for researchers and medics to look at the leading causes of type 2 diabetes to provide clear information to United States citizens.

Physical activities and nutrition are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Along with additional benefits, being active and following a healthy diet plan can aid in maintaining blood glucose levels in the required range. The food you eat, the amount you eat, and when you eat are essential in maintaining blood sugars in the correct range recommended by your health care team.

     A meal plan that outlines healthy foods from various food groups is vital for people living with diabetes. They include vegetables, both starchy and non-starchy, fruits, grains, proteins, and dairy products with low or no fat content.

However, one should limit drinks with added sugars, fried foods, and other foods with high-fat saturation. In addition, information such as the seriousness of the disease to the community should be relayed. If left untreated, it may result in other chronic diseases such as kidney failure, heart attack, and blindness.


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  1. Planning your meals for consumption at a specific time as well as having a balanced diet not only can lower blood sugar but it can help you achieve weight loss as well. Add some exercise to the planned meals will help keep weight off and tone the body as well. There are several tools available to help keep blood sugar under control and can give you an indication which direction you are going when it concerns Type 2 Diabetes.


    • Thank you, Jerry, for sharing your honest feedback. I have close friends who struggle with type 2 diabetes. The challenge to manage time to sort your meals, exercise and family can be stressful. So I try to provide the best available tools I can offer to stay healthy. Follow Me @ Facebook or Try Trifecta Meal/Physical Training App. 

    • Thank you. I am always going to keep finding new ways to answer your questions. If you have requested topics to help the community. Please share your comments. For more information to join programs to suit your diet and budget. Click Here

      Coming Soon Visit Meal Plan Press ” An upcoming page to assist in managing your budget to suit your lifestyle and access to quality local food.

  2. Thanks for sharing a very informative article about diabetes.  I totally agree that good nutrition is so important to prevent and control or certain diseases such as diabetes and kidney failure. 

     I wrote an article for my website on how nutrition can influence golf performance.  ( my niche is about golf )  Here is a subtraction from my article.   ” The key to sustained energy is to avoid sudden blood sugar and insulin spikes.  Snacks and foods that are unhealthy should be avoided at all cost, these are processed foods that contain sugar and flour and are served at clubhouse restaurants.  This can be achieved by minimizing grains, breads, pasta, sandwiches, cookies, crackers, donuts, French fries, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza and potato chips, starches and sugar. These foods have no nutrition and only fill your stomach and cause an unnatural spike in your blood sugar levels, then cause a sudden sharp fall, this means an energy crash, a lack of energy is experienced when the levels drop, lethargy and food craving kick in and concentration is lost.  Over time the body may not be able to lower blood sugar effectively and this can lead to type 2 diabetes.  Be aware of sports drinks, soda and candy bars disguised as health or energy snacks, they can have a negative spike on your blood sugar levels.” 

    I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for all the information. 

    • Thank you. I am always going to keep finding new ways to answer your questions. If you have requested topics to help the community. Please share your comments. For more information to join programs to suit your diet. Click Here

    • Thank you. I am always going to keep finding new ways to answer your questions. If you have requested topics to help the community. Please share your comments. For more information to join programs to suit your diet. Click Here

  3. Thank you for this informative article! I was shocked with the fact that diabetes is ranked among the leading causes of mortality in the US. The good news is there is a way to live well with diabetes; managing blood sugar level by being active and following a healthy diet plan. Your article is really helpful! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad you found my article helpful. If you have any questions or believe there should be more articles to support our diabetics. Leave a comment. Thank you. Have a great day!

  4. I totally agree with your main points about healthy meals and health. 

    You cannot consume unhealthy foods and beverages and have a healthy body. Healthy foods may be a little more than unhealthy foods but in the long run, it isn´t so expensive compared to hospital bills or treatments for chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, it´s the pay now (with healthy meals options) or pay later (doctor/hospital bills for chronic diseases treatment).

    There are also many other healthy lifestyle choices that can change the quality of your life and health.


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