How To Select Cooking Sites Compare Cooking Sites: Review 2021

     The recipe to display cooking content of starting a meal prep assets online can share a definition to motivate viewers to enjoy cooking. My article is to define with examples of randomly selected USA food-focused online social networking services since 2020. For example, these cooking community websites SuperCook, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, and Tasty. I view a common interest, however each share different methods for viewers to search meals quickly and easily provided by its developers/designers.            

     The mission to share recipes on cooking websites could began as an offshoot for members to rate, review, share photos/videos of the meals with tutorials online. As a question, how can each food sources provided above benefit a meal planner? Meal planning might seem like an extra step in your already busy weekly routine – but hear my story out. Here is a comparison for using SuperCook, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, and Tasty to help get dinner on the table every single night, but utilize recipes provided by cooks who shared creativity, detailed instructions, and fun. 

Where To Visit For Cooking

1. Learn A New Recipe

Maybe you’re already a great cook….or having to work at home is a motivation to finally face your lack of cooking skills. Regardless, learning a new recipe or having an at-home cooking dinner date is a fun way to spend some time. Fun and inventive recipes aren’t hard to find on the internet, but if some ingredients are scarce in your household. You aren’t looking to try the grocery store, you can use these recommended websites to either (1) prepare your weekly meals, (2) plugin the ingredients you already have and find a new recipe (3) Cooking Video Instructions. You can also use a delivery service like SunBasket (other meal packages), sending you a recipe or a FarmBox to get local produce to support our farmers and all the ingredients you need straight to your house.



SuperCook has a simple recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you currently have at home. Add your ingredients into a virtual pantry,,, and it will bring up recipes you can put together. Filter your results by dietary and nutritional requirements or even by cuisine.

Benefits signing up

If you sign up for an account, your ingredients, and dietary restrictions, will be saved on Supercooks servers. This means you can log on to your account from any device.

Can I use Supercook without signing up?

Yes, but the ingredients entered into Supercook will be lost. If the user clear your cookies or access the website from a different device.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinners app gives you instant access whether you are at home, in the store or on the go to Allrecipes’ amazing collection of recipes, photos, videos, collections, ratings and reviews created and shared by 50 million home cooks.

Benefits signing up

By becoming a member of the Allrecipes Community, you can save and organize your favorite recipes, create shopping lists, and get time-saving cooking tips from our newsletters. And it’s FREE.

Can I use Allrecipes without signing up?

No. You will need to use your email address to log in and access the free membership accessories.


Tasty app provides over 4,000 recipes with step-by-step video clips and written instructions to guide you through the cooking process. It allows you can scroll through the different categories and filter out results depending on your specific needs. This feature is convenient for vegetarians and vegans, as you can choose to hide all recipes that include meat or dairy. Plus, you’ll find metric values side-by-side with US measurements – so there’s no need to convert any units!

Benefits signing up

No membership is requested to use Tasty. It’s FREE, and you can submit your recipe on the Tasty website.

Can I use Supercook without signing up?

Yes, however the ingredients won’t be saving in the menu.

How to Increase Food Variety to your diet ?

 Introducing a new online meal prep asset “Meal Plan Press”. A free subscription plan that will offer more than just cooking recipes, but California ingredients researched from farmers and ranchers. Its simple to find recipes using those cooking apps, however, this program offer customize recipes suitable to create a meal plan with California local ingredient grown from California farmers.  Join my program by joining and receive a free printable package.

Meal Plan Press

      Meal Plan Press is a meal plan package of 300 popular (30 minute) recipes presented from California Farm and Ranch websites. This feature is convenient for holiday events, vegan, low Carb, Mediterranean, Picky Eaters, and more. A web page sponsored by for viewers to collect a weekly printable eco-meal plan package. You will know what ingredients to buy at the grocery store, possibly save money, and add variety to every meal. Every month, participants can fill out a survey to benefit future meal packages and request personal type of meals. Coming soon by 7/1/2021 will post video tutorials of the meals personally selected, tasted and research of seasonal meal popularly searched at

Benefits signing up

A Free sign up subscription for users to receive by email a printable menu, a grocery list, with the sponsors (farmers and ranches) logo to select meal to visit their website and acquire their instructions cooking the food. It’s an opportunity to select proper seasonal ingredients by our farmers, and ranchers prepared for restaurants.

Can I use Meal Plan Press without signing up?

Yes, anyone can gain access to Meal Plan Press after a month update. The disadvantage without joining the subscription is receiving monthly seasonal updates of ingredients, and meals. Learn More

Compare Popular Cooking Website

Meal Plan Press SuperCook Allrecipes Tasty
Video Tutorials Coming Soon No Yes Yes
Shopping List Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add Ingredients No Yes No No
Direct Order Online Coming Soon No Yes No
Subscription Benefits Yes No Yes No

     We would like to thank our community who dedicated their time, research and tutorials to create amazing meals for online viewers to share your passion in cooking. The website will continue to provide promising information to locate healthy, quality ingredients for those seek for information. 

Please support our mission. Click the link to share a meal and receive meal plan packages and updates to locate local produce from farmers and ranchers.

16 thoughts on “How To Select Cooking Sites Compare Cooking Sites: Review 2021

  1. Hi John
    Thanks for sharing your review on the Compare Cooking sites. All the four apps seems to be very promising. I liked the Tasty App the most as it enables the user to post his recipes too.  Do we have similar good vegetarian Indian Cooking app also. Please add one in your Compare Review next time.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Thank you for your great feedback. I use each of these apps myself. However, the challenge was to find traditional cooking instructions that would match my grandmother’s cooking experience and culture. I will write a new update base on my previous blog post.  

  2. Hello,

    When you are a cook, finding great recipes to make amazing dishes leaves you thrilled. This article offers great links to amazing cooks and recipes. If you want to learn a new breakfast, dinner, or another dish, you will find this article informative. My cooking skills have had polishing through reading this article. I think you should try it and get better too.

    Cooking never gets better with these amazing insights.

    Thanks for sharing this article.


  3. Thanks for the detailed review.  I must say I have only used a meal plan once or twice in my time. But they have come a long way.  My main reason to use one would be for the healthy and nutritious meals that have already been planned for me. There seem to be so many online cooking sites out there now.  I tend to follow youtube if I need a recipe for a particular food I fancy. 

    1. So many meals to search for and so many try! However, the wallet seems to shrink paying for ingredients, and it can be trouble along the way. How would you like a source to sort main ingredients to match meals to increase the variety and bulk groceries? JohnsMealTicket will limit your selection of ingredients to make your meals and save extra money in your pocket. Not many cooking programs share these advantages. Visit the Donation page to learn more. 

  4. I use the internet all the time to get recipes (either something I want to learn to cook or find recipes to fit with ingredients I have on hand.)   I have used both Tasty and Allrecipes with good success but was unaware of all the benefits such as creating a shopping list, remembering food preferences and direct online ordering.  Boy, have I been missing out!  I’ll be taking a new look at both these sites as well as checking out SuperCook and Meal Press Plan.  Thank you for posting!

    1. Thank you so much for being so supportive. As I enjoy using Tasty and Allrecipes to find great recipes fast and easy. I am introducing Meal Press, a separate branch to that supports creating a printed meal prep grocery list to help viewers buy main ingredients to cook various meals for a certain number of days. Coming soon viewers can join to gain full access and use my tool to make your own saving yourself time and money More information 

  5. Hello John. I often go to cooking sites to search for recipes, and I’m familiar with the sites you presented in your post. I like SuperCook because it offers recipes based on the ingredients I have at hand. It’s a really helpful feature if you don’t want to shop for ingredients, or just want to use up some things you have at home. Tasty is also among my favourite cooking sites, it offers great recipes. 



    1. Thank you for the great feedback, Debra! I enjoy using these food sources myself. As a home cook, I always want to experience new ways to cook. However, it can get expensive. Especially picking random meals requiring multiple main ingredients. How would you like a tool that could limit extra leftovers you may use for a couple of weeks or before it needs to be thrown away. Meal Plan Letter could provide the tools you need. Learn More

  6. Thanks for this detailed review. The truth is that Restaurant meals can sometimes heavy on butter and salt. However, I

     always believe Dishes made at home tend to be more nutritious and contain fewer calories. we mentally approach homemade meals differently. The benefits of homemade food are endless, to say the least.

    1. I agree with your feedback. Finding reliable places to get quality nutritious meals without the unnecessary seasononig can link a double blade to our enjoyment of food and our health. If you are ever interested in joining a meal prep service program or need help get healthy food at home. Visit My Programs

  7. Thank you for this detail look at cooking sites whee I can find recipes. Eating is much more interesting when one can make varieties. I seam to be fascinated with Tasty app’s over 4,000 recipes. It will definitely avail me options of intercontinental dishes and also the video step by step guide will go a long way to make a difference 

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I enjoy using the Tasty app. So many recipes to try with simple, clear instruction videos to be a better cook. However, using it would require time to search and select the meals. Visit Meal Plan Letter, a printable grocery list for viewers to cook multiple meals that share similar ingredients. It will be available soon as it uses meals presented by our local farmers visiting their website. Learn More

  8. Thank you for this awesome cooking resource site. I love cooking healthy meals and need to watch how much I spend as I can go overboard when it comes to grocery shopping. This will help me plan better affordable and nutritiously. Its wonderful to present new dishes to the family as food plays a huge role in uplifting one’s mind and spirit 😉

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