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Composting Bins

Feedback: I live in an urban area with buildings around my house. I try to avoid throwing away food scraps, and it can be challenging to make enough compost. Lucky I found this small compost blender, but it can get expensive. So, I started my bin using a simple kit for shredded paper, grass, and fallen leaves if you consider getting a compost bin.

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What is Compost?

Have you ever heard of the term “Black Gold”? If you like the chance for a better opportunity to invest in your garden, then this article is right for you.


Composting is a mixed nutrient-rich organic matter of ingredients in the form of decomposition to mix in your soil to grow healthy plants. In other words, your food scraps, dead house plants, grass clippings, or leaves falling from the tree. The challenge to starting composting is creating a constant yield in your garden.

It takes time to make just one inch of human-rich soil – it could take a few weeks to a few months! Do you have the patience to start a compost? I have researched to help with those challenges and make it easy.

Proven Benefits Of Using Compost That Will Make You Happy With Delicious Fruit Smoothies

How often would you enjoy drinking a homemade cool fruit smoothie following popular menus after mowing the front lawn after a lovely morning? I sure have, and it’s refreshing! I am a gardener, and I enjoy making my life easier while supporting my home and environment.

If you are a beginner or a professional gardener seeking ways to engage people in composting, then let’s review four common facts. And it’s as easy as throwing away materials such as leaves, vegetables, fruits, plants, stems, etc., in a concealed bin.

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A gardener who grows their fruits and vegetables needs nutrient-rich compost. You can buy a compost bag at any home store or garden store. However, you want to limit spending money to add up over time.

Why not use the food you’re going to throw away as compost for these great uses for your garden and pocket. For example:

Saves Money and Resources

  • Free Soil Additive and natural fertilizer
  • Lower water bills when used as soil mulch
  • Lessen the burden on landfills

Turn Poor Soil into Blackgold Soil

  • Return nutrients to the soil such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and many trace minerals, all to be released slowly over a steady long term for optimal plant growth and health
  • A natural fertilizer that improves soil aeration, tilth, and drainage

Feel Environmentally Friendly

  • Conserve your natural resources
  • Protecting and improving your home environment

Valuable Mulch

  • Improve weeds and erosion control
  • Protects plant roots from natural impacts (sun and wind damage)
  • Conserve water
  • Reduce soil disease
  • Increases water retention when absorbed into loose or sandy soils; aids drainage in clay or other heavy metals.

Simple reason Composting Still Growing.

Why isn’t every family home composting? First, because people are too busy, sometimes it’s preferred to dispose of the waste quickly or lack enough ingredients for a whole batch pile. For example, communities eating at fast-food restaurants are accessible everywhere for consumers to buy and add meat ingredients into their diets with grease, bones, and dairy products.

Compared to a balanced diet selecting fruits and vegetables to the grocery list.

  1. The time to create a healthy meal plan to minimize meat but share limited experience cooking healthy meals, consider joining a meal prep delivery service.

2) A place to build a compost system living in a limited space with no backyard to collect leaves.

3) compost can start to give a smelly odor if set indoors and does not create a proper balance to speed up your composting process. Fourth, the users may throw it away, resulting in poor motivation to compost.

There’s nothing wrong with not composting. However, reflecting on how much food is being thrown to waste is an option to consider at home for your garden. Yes, the pile inside your bin is usually made over weeks or months, causing the ingredients to break down slowly. And to think about other issues like bears or raccoons breaking in the bins if you live remotely.

How to Compost Food Scraps

Every household generates food waste from the kitchen – estimated to be more than 300 lbs per person per year! If allowed in your community, composting offers an efficient means to deal with food waste. Here are some tips:

DO Compost

All your vegetable and fruit wastes (it’s okay if they’re moldy). Also, bread, grains (cooked or uncooked), and even tea bags, coffee grounds, and filters. Fruit and veggie pulp from juicing is excellent and decomposes quickly. Eggshells are okay but, like corn cobs, take a very long time to break down (Crushed eggshells for better results).

Don’t Compost

Meat, fish, bones, fatty or oily foods, dairy products (cheese, butter, etc.). Pesticide-ridden foods may have inert chemical compounds that do not break down entirely.

Is it easy to memorize the Dos and Don’t to maximize efficient composting? EnjoThen, enjoy the customized education compost instruction sign you can print at home and tape on your compost bin.

How to Store Food

  • Transfer to large stockpile food bucket near bin (for a Batch Pile)
  • Transfer contents of a small bucket, when fully, directly to the bin
  • Scraps can be stored in plastic bags in a fridge or freezer
  • Conver with a wet towel or newspaper beneath the lid
  • Chop or shred scraps for faster decomposition
  • Keep in a small, tightly lidded bucket near the kitchen sink

What a Lomi?

Technology is advancing with cool gadgets to make our lives easier. With the support of multiple engineers and designers, Pela helps people composite at home with little space and is easy to use. It turns your food into compost with a push of a button.

As composting takes time to decompose your food scraps, Lomi can create usable compost in hours on your countertop and add it to your garden. That’s impressive for those who want to compost and only need small portions to throw away to suit a small family.

Learn More about Pela

Can Composting be helpful to create a sustainable future?

Home composting is a primary example of living more sustainably by mimicking natural cycles and incorporating them into our daily lives, finding ways to reduce, reuse and efficiently recycle food waste for gardening and agriculture for the new century.

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