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We hand-pick every product that appears on Delish with you in mind—and they’re all tested, researched, or editor-approved. Our goal? To make it easy for you to find the best whatever you need (whether that’s a high-powered blender or a healthy meal delivery service) and introduce you to the gotta-have-it products we’re obsessing over.

Our New York City-based team of editors and recipe developers analyzes the quality, durability, aesthetics, and taste (when applicable!) of every product we recommend. And when we don’t have the answers, we turn to those who do: professional chefs, nutritionists, organizational experts, you name it.


We work with a select number of affiliate marketing programs. When you click on a link on our site that takes you to another retailer, we may earn a small commission. But know: We are driven by our editorial standards and what we know you love, not by relationships with companies or advertisers.


Listen: We know how to have a good time here—and we want you to have one, too. That’s why all of our recipes go through a stringent testing period to make them as infallible as possible: They’re tested, re-tested, and tested again until they’re perfect and ready for you to make. The same goes for everything we put in our cookbooks.

You should know a couple of other things: Every story we write is edited for clarity and fairness. And we’d never recommend that you buy, try, watch, or make something we wouldn’t ourselves.


Can’t get enough of the site? Good news: We’re, like, kind of everywhere.

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