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     Have you ever thought of being a member of the wine drinkers association and getting special prices? (This is consent for readers 21 years and above, and please drink responsibly as too much may lead to health complications).

     If you enjoy or searching for unique, high-end wines at affordable prices, check out A twelve-year-old company that invests in more than 150 independent winemakers worldwide. (Adhikary 14) (Mariani & Vastola 70)This website enables customers to buy wine from independent winemakers and voluntarily join with over 100,000 “Angel” customers who act as investors. Therefore, in the United States, citizens can now buy wine with reliable backgrounds and feedback. A lean business model with professional services makes drinking wine much more accessible and enjoyable delivered to the doorstep. This is nothing compared to any local merchant because Angel members invest forty dollars a month into their Naked Wine piggy bank once accepted into the program. The money raised from this community helps Naked Wine invest in its wineries, but it also never goes to waste for Angel members. Forty dollars go in the virtual piggy bank that can be used towards their wine orders whenever they want – in other words, it’s pretty much like a wine bank account. is a community to connect with grape growers. One place to find the best wines to buy right at your fingertips.

      Have I caught your attention yet?

Here at, the chance to acquire special offers to buy high-quality wines is available to be a member through an association referred to as ‘Angeles’ who act as investors. 1) Angel members can save approximately 40-60% on their orders and get many freebies and perks like samples of other wines. 2) A bottle of Angel-funded wine worth $20 or more each month for a case of wine delivered to the address, the access to Angel-only wines, can receive invites to wine tastings to meet the winemakers, and access to an exclusive priority hotline for any needed support. 3) Can present a $100 voucher card to a friend valid against a case worth $169.99 or more and earn a $40 investment into the Naked Wine piggy bank to be used on their wine orders at any given time, which can be delivered to their homes or at the pick-up stations through UPS and FedEx.

      Note: While wishes to make this offer to ALL your friends, some legal restrictions prevent people from using vouchers in HI, IN, MI, MO, SD, and TX. And we can’t even ship wine to AL, AR, DE, MS, NJ, RI, or UT.

     This pool of crowded funded money helps Naked Wine invest in its winemakers. Or, to be an ‘Angel’ member, click the top right-hand button that says “voucher” and enter your email. Then, get the option to select any wines that will total over $100s or the Discovery Case with 12 bottles of wines across a broad spectrum of offerings from the site using the voucher.
I could not think of a more satisfactory model of channel guarantee whereby customers will get their accounts credited if at any point the products are not as per the preference. has this Satisfaction Guarantee that if one orders a wine they do not like, they can notice the company and get their accounts credited. Furthermore, once a member of the Angel decides to leave the membership, the funds that are not yet to be spent are refunded to the individual’s credit. This is a positive gesture from the company, which has over 150 winemakers globally and markets the expensive denoted wines as cheap. There is also an opportunity for the Angel members to rate the wines, and this is beneficial in offering direction to the customers for their preferred wines.

       The prices at vary from each other. An individual’s initial buy is worth $39.99, considering the monthly deposit of $40 as a member. Any order that costs $100 and more has no shipping fee. For the members of the Angel, it costs them about $8.99 for a sweet wine to $ 39.99 for vintage wine. It is more exciting shopping from as it has a relative discount on a customer’s initial shipment. For any successful business, pricing is crucial when selling their products at It ensures a reduction in the cost of distribution by not engaging with distributors but instead deals directly with their customers (Rickman 20). By selling directly to the customers, it means even the market price will be considerate to those buying their products hence lower costs. As a result, can compete with other large sites compared to the situation where they could be using third-party distributors. They take negative criticism as a challenge in reviewing their market prices and the quality of their products and instances where they get slightly higher. It does a refund to the credit accounts of the members. With this, it uses the system as a polling module, and as a result, they would determine the winemakers that have the most preferred in the market (Culley et al., 74). Therefore, this will enhance a self-improvement trajectory among its produced wine to the market.

     My Review offered great quality wines considering the $100 package, which is a relatively lower price without a delivery fee. A friends’ gathering would not be too demanding with the presence of, where you will need $100 for a six-bottle package of quality wine delivered at your doorstep. “Wouldn’t that be quite interesting?” It is more compelling for the Angel members who get a $20 and above worthy bottle of wine every month, toping on their deliveries. Besides, they get only the members who can attend wine tastings events and meet with the winemakers. Perhaps you should have a personal experience with for more excellent drinking wine experiences. Deliveries on the site are made within 4 to 7 days of business hours. It is strict on ensuring that only eligible persons get to drink wine. That is why only more than 21 years old sign for the packages during their deliveries.
     Once a customer gets a good experience, the possibility of frequently getting back for other purchases is very likely. Therefore, has heavily invested in social service and interactions among customers and members. The site allows customers to send their feedback to the winemakers directly and ask their preferred questions. It also enables members to recommend wines for each other indirectly.

     Generally, for an amazing wine experience, try nowhere else other than If it is during festive seasons and you are with family members who want to enjoy some wine, or you are with colleagues and friends trying to catch up after a long time, wines from would be an ideal experience. enables you as their customer to cancel an order made for a wine you did not like and guarantees you a refund whereby you can easily do that by calling or sending emails to the customer service. If you continuously order your wine through Naked wines, you will be given the opportunity to be a member of the Angel wine drinkers, and you will get to experience fair prices. Use Naked as a casual wine drinker. You’ll discover outstanding and affordable wines (even if you don’t take advantage of the $100 off coupon) through an exciting system that makes you feel more involved than just ordering another case of wine online.

Drink wisely! The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) provides a free, confidential, 24/7 treatment referral and information service for emergencies.

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