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  1. Before I read your newsletter, I was wondering if how I can use it if you are around United States and I am from Asia, LOL.

    But reading your post amazed me of how you would like to reach communities in being wise in spending and meal to offer to their love ones.

    This is fantastic! It is one of my goals and I directly go to Moms who commonly do this task, higher percentage from homes if not all.

    I see the need for such help extension with this pandemic situation of health and livelihood issues.

    I salute you for this topic, continue with your passion while working out your earning strategy through this topic.

  2. Aww, it’s cool you’re a grad from CSU Long Beach. And I really like the way you have put together this newsletter. 

    I agree with you that knowing where and when to buy products can be a game changer for local and small business. I have launched a small local business myself. And this strategy is one I have been trying to implement.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I seek to share my findings as a life-changer opportunity that could benefit our lifestyles and others using the tools and experience gained from teamwork and education. I wish you well on your goals to launch your passion for building a local business. 

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