Plants that Grow Well in a Grow Bag

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Description: Grow bags are what make it possible for me to enjoy growing plants with limited growing space. These bags are only slightly wider than a bucket. You probably need a 7-gallon bag to get a similar amount of space as a 5-gallon bucket. I ran out of soil space, so I found these grow bags. Easy, and I get quantities of bags and save money vs buying three pots.

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Grow bags are used by many people to grow plants anywhere. They’re very useful because they allow you to grow your favorite fruits and veggies without spending money or time building proper gardening equipment. They can even help you save space!

Grow bags regulate temperature due to the breathable qualities of the non-woven fabric. Excessive heat can escape from all directions. Once the weather has settled, your plants can be moved outdoors to reach their glory.

Fabric Grow Bags can be placed in the ground, around the garden or buried into the soil, or in mulch to give the roots access to more nutrients and space.

Our Top Picks

If you don‘t have the time to review our full review, then just check out our top picks – they‘re the best you can get! We have picked these plants to grow bags based on their quality, ease of use, and overall value.

Black-and-White Thick Plastic Bags

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 3.65 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 5.9″D x 5.9″W x 9.45″H
  • Shape: Square
  • Mounting Type Freestanding


  • They work great as a cheap temporary solution to get your nursery up and going.
  • The white reflects the sun rather than soaking in like black plastic nursery pots, so soil temps stay lower than those in the black plastic pots.
  • Compact space friendly.


  • I couldn’t imagine using anything over a 3-gallon. Once your plant is in water, they’ll tear when you carry them if you’re not careful. Tip — leave an inch at the top and roll the sides down for better grip.
  • Drainage is very important. I had to drill additional holes through each side of every bag to drain them thoroughly.

Non-Woven Durable Breathe Planting Container

Material: Non-woven fabric
Item Weight: 2.59 pounds
Product Dimension: 5.9″D x 5.9″W x 9.45″H
Shape: Cylindrical
Mounting Type: Freestanding


  • Sturdy and very well made
  • Reinforcing handle design to improve the carrying capacity of the handle


  • No issues

Cheat Sheet | Which Size Of Grow Bag To Get?

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Grow bags are very good for seeds, especially for seedlings! Most plants grown in a bag require lots of light. This means that they must be planted high enough off the ground that plenty of sunlight reaches down to them. Roots should go deep into the earth, but not too far because they might get damaged if there isn’t enough room to reach moisture.

Can I Grow Houseplants In A Grow Bag?

Grow bags are great for indoor gardening. They’re easy to move around and provide better air circulation. Plants placed inside them receive the benefits of being outdoors. Lining pots with grow bags allow you to enjoy the beauty of terracotta or other ornate pot while still getting the benefits of a to grow bag. Plant grow bags are easy to transport and re-pot.

Can You Grow Salad Greens In A Grow Bag?

Salad Greens are easy to grow in bags. Lettuce needs about 6″ of space per plant. Baby greens need about 1″-2″ spacing. Grow bags are ideal for growing baby greens because they allow extra air circulation and continuous harvesting. You can use pots as liners for grow bags for added stability.

Is It Better To Grow Tomatoes?

Grow bags are great tools for growing tomatoes because they prevent root binding. Tomato plants benefit from being warmed up by the grow bags. Tomatoes don’t like to get wet. Good drainage prevents the leaves from getting wet.

Can I Grow Potatoes?

Growing potatoes and other root vegetables inside a fabric grow bag are easier than growing them in the ground. You won’t need to worry about digging up precious crops when harvesting. Potatoes and other root vegetables can grow taller in a bag than they can in the ground. Loose soil makes it easier to dig up individual roots.

Can I Grow Flowers?

Planting flowers in grow bags has a lot of benefits. You can protect them in the early spring, either in a high tunnel or by bringing them inside if a freeze is expected. When the weather has settled, you can move your plants outdoors to the garden to reach full bloom. Growing flowers in grow bags can make planting bulbs much easier.


Grow bag is a portable plant container that can be used instead of regular pots. It is much lighter than pots and allows you to transport plants easily. Most grow bags come with handles and are made with waterproof fabric to be taken outdoors without worry. Several colors and sizes are available, making great gifts for friends and family.

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