Track It

      Google Maps is an excellent navigation and mapping tool to pull data straight from your phone. It saves time and the app is free no subscriptions and paid plans required. What’s not to like? Except, I would like more information about a certain search about our Farmers Markets, and geographic areas to target for viewers to review to grow certain crops with higher accuracy. We have create new apps suited for both your phone and computer to eating health search for quality ingredients, and analyze your environment to grow food. 

     Introducing Esri products to transition from Google technology to Esri for customers and partners to with no cost. We are to educate using Esri software free subscription to post on websites to support our clients. 

The following list highlights using powerful visualization and analysis technologies that replicate and extend using the Google Maps Engine called ArcGIS. (Article: “How Remote Work can offer opportunity in GIS | 2021”)

How Farmers Market app is better than Google Maps: 

  • Locates Certified Farmers Markets in the USA
  • Marks Markets Selling Plants
  • It’s user-friendly, flexible, and full of GIS functionality.

Survey Results

    Support my findings how creating a meal plan can support  sustainable development with farmers. 

Geospatial Agriculture

     Collect datasets and create maps to locate possible crop growth within the USA. The support of using datasets provided by the USDA, farmers, NASA,  and  using results collected through multiple surveys.