Our Services provide tools and services that help farmers and businesses identify seasonal produce sold at Certified Farmer markets and create meal plans. Locate, analyze, supplier and demand – the market can be complex to track.


Geographic Information of Science (GIS) is important for science. It helps us understand how things work in nature. It also helps us connect with people around the world. We can learn about the Earth and its resources by studying GIS. We can use this knowledge to help others to get hands-on experience working with GIS software.

GIS Data Download

     The sources collected to design my apps, maps, and analysis are available in the files.

Please note the following: 

  • Metadata is provided in *.met text file, HTML, or XML files
  • Downloads are compressed zip files consisting of all necessary files for each data set, including projection files and metadata.
  • The links below represent the most recent available data.
  • Labels containing this ± symbol include data dependent on parcel lines.