Simple Sustainable Living at Home

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Sustainable Solutions

Everything we know, need, love, and value comes from and resides on our planet. For this reason, we need to reach again for the moon as a motivation to build public support as a goal to which every person on Earth can contribute. For example, what’s sustainability efforts are being made in your community or at home ? Sustainable solutions to environmental problems are numerous, and we need to understand our intricate relationship with our environment and inform our attempts to solve and identify before making the first step. If you were to take the lead in promoting sustainability initiatives, how would you go about it?

We can test hypotheses in different ways

Technology can help us towards sustainability to finding effective ways of living peacefully, healthfully, and sustainably on our diverse and complex lifestyles. For example, we depend utterly on our environments for air, water, food, shelter, and everything else essential for living. However, we would modify the environment to enrich our lives. For example, various natural resources that we need to suite the population is bringing us better health, longer life spans, and greater material wealth, and mobility – but they have also often degraded the natural systems that sustain causing air, and water pollution, and soil erosion. Our ecological footprint jeopardize our ability to build a society that will survive and thrive in the long term. So what should a individual avoid to support an argument that we may judge false alarms from real problems and distinguish legitimate concerns from thoughtless denial?

What’s Available That Can Make Small Changes?

Enter your current footprint, as determine by the online calculator. During my experience entering my footprint, it states if the entire population was doing exactly how I use electricity, the number of people living in my home, disposing waste, and etc. It would equal approximately 4 planets earths. Yikes !

In the quest for sustainability generally means to sustain human institutions in a healthy and functional state. For example, The United Nations defines sustainable development as “meets the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition is taken from the United Nations-sponsored Brundtland Commission (named after its chair, Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland), published an influential 1987 report titled Our Common Future.

Today we live inside houses, work in shuttered buildings, travel in enclosed vehicles, and generally know little about the plants and animals around us. Millions of urban citizens have never set foot in an undeveloped area. Just a few centuries or even decades ago, most of the world’s people were able to name and describe the habitats of plants and animals that lived nearby. Technology is growing to make our lives easier as today everything we can ask for is available at our local stores. It’s little wonder how we have lost track of the connections that tie us to our natural environment.

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One way is by cutting down on waste, such as food. Composting food scraps is an effective method of recycling waste once it is creates the richest of nutrition for gardeners called “Black Gold”. The chance to start a garden or a small farms to provide your own food introduce future success to your health phycially and mentally.

Second, if you don’t have time to garden due to a full time schedule, and responsibilities. No worries buying food at the grocery store is an interest. The ability to make cooking a benefit to preserve our economy and resources is important and reduce food waste. My goal is to cut down on waste, estimated at 25% of food.

A Simple Sustainable Living as a Consumer

The kinds of purchasing decisions made for enjoyment is eating out, ordering in bulk, and quick easy meals. These examples are not a recommended lifestyle every week. Eating healthy in selecting local food, organic food, and buy biodegradable products cab be a wise investment to our health. Learn more reading “Food, The way you want to spend“.

Simple Sustainable Living as a Homeowner

Choosing Lighting

A sustainable solution enables us to reuse or recycle waste so as to truly close the loop in our processes of production.

A sustainable solution will satisfy all three pillars of sustainability: environmental quality, economic well-being, and social justice.

Moving toward sustainability is an ongoing process that we will be engaged in for the remainder of our lifetimes. It may take a while, but it is our one necessary journey.

Simple Sustainable Living as a Researcher

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