Start your New Diet at the Farmers Market

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In the late 1880s, before the name Farmers’ Markets were popular in California, the state accounted for one-tenth of the value of U. S agriculture output. (Olmstead, Alan L., and Paul W. Rhode) For over 100 years, California local farmers have expanded significantly as progressive, hard-working citizens providing high-quality products nationally and internationally.

The city of Los Angeles was one of the top ten largest cities with a population of 11,183 in the late 1880s, started by the U. S Census Bureau. As the population grew, demand for food became a significant requirement to sustain our communities. So, people who manage our food had to develop multiple sustainable examples to overcome economic and environmental challenges. And understand the process to answer what we grow, what we eat, and how we cook; it became a continuous cycle to select valuable food people should eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So the question: “Are farmers’ markets a place to start a specific diet?”

FACT: 1 Who knows better about our food?

In today’s fast-paced world, most Americans don’t know where their food comes from – let alone who grew it and the distance it was traveled into your grocery stores. Our connection to food has diminished to nothing more than a quick transaction at the check-out line, with no thought to who is behind the cheese to make mac & cheese possible. Farmers’ markets reconnect communities to our food system. Farmers are involved in planting, cultivating, performing post-harvest duties, overseeing livestock, and so much more. (Source: Hello Homestead)

Farmers Markets is a place where farmers and neighbors can meet to socialize and exchange ideas about cooking, nutrition, and agriculture. What produce is in season? Is there a food brand that follows the quality of selling seasonal foods? What selected foods can provide my body with the nutrition it requires? The answers could be found at a farmers market – answers that educate and build relationships between communities, farmers, and food. I can’t vouch every farmer’s market would be able to answer every question. However, I believe it is a place to start.

FACT 2: A place to taste a sample

People love free, people love food, and thus people love free food. The stations that advertise a product share a goal for you to buy things we may never use to purchase. Farmers’ Markets know that sampling if done right, can convince people that people enjoy visiting fun places and exploring our taste buds. It’s a great place for making customer loyalty to the farmer and the market and brands over longer periods of time.

For example, an individual may never taste homemade bread before straight from the oven. The texture of the bread and the flavor shares higher quality than store-bought bread at commercial stores. The chance to select your meal plan is by tasting the food you want to eat every day. I will be posting results to confirm how farmers’ markets share loyal customers by building relationships with their community.

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FACT 3: A place to motivate the healthy choice

The motive to select a diet is about making lifestyle choices to help ourselves live and continue our day better than before. The reason is finding the tools and using them to help build/motivate in selecting the right types of diet. Remember, farmer’s markets can be a place to physically explore what foods are available to make your meals at home. As any other market can provide the same motivation, however, there’s someone available to answer your questions. A story of how the food was grown can be a motivation for new activities. For example, picking a diet would lead to learning about your food, learning how to cook, and finding new interests supporting your cause.

As you find a motive that will stick, you will learn about the branches and all the tools you need, and then you understand the relevance of why farmers’ markets can create compelling motivation in our lives.

FACT 4: Keep unhealthy foods out of the kitchen

The food at farmers’ markets may be more often locally sourced and fresher. Keep in mind comparing the markets and chain grocery stores have different standardized rules for maintaining food safety or the same number of inspections as commercial stores. For more information, read my Cooking Safety Tips.

The advantage of grocery shopping at a farmers market reduces your chances to buy unhealthy processed foods with saturated sugar, sodium, sugar, and fiber intake. Please contact a professional in the field for more information on what processed foods to avoid.

FACT 5: A way to build new meal plan ideas

Visit the farmers’ market first to analyze what is sold. Then, decide your meal plan when you shop: When you have created your list create a weakly meal plan base on the ingredients you enjoy cooking your meals. Select the farmer’s markets that will sell food in season (and on sale).

As shown below, I have created a list of recommended Farmers’ Markets in California provided by the “Agriculture Marketing Services” that would sell specific ingredients to buy. For more information, updated information. Scroll through the chart to find the markets’ available websites.

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2 thoughts on “Start your New Diet at the Farmers Market”

  1. I think the food we’re eating at the moment are killing us. Not just you and me, but all mankind. Connections are being made to depression and increasing infertility in men. This sounds like the words of a lunatic but they’re very true. That’s obviously no the only cause but it contributes. And ridiculously long transports aren’t exactly helping. I think famers market are a great place to start making things better. Eating according to season, reducing transports and emissions, sharing knowledge and creating stronger bonds within the community could make such enormous differences. If we could make it obligatory in school somehow as well we’re on our way. 

    • Thank you so much for your time and feedback. Many organizations that support delivering fresh food from farmers to our schools are growing. Our next generation is our future. 


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