A plate of your favorite food is served to you for dinner. The smell of the food would make anyone want a bite. After one bite you taste the texture, the ingredients merge into new flavors and making it your favorite meal. Image the ingredients used to cook that dish. Where did it come from ? What makes you want to take another bite ? Is it the freshness of the food provided by our farmers or how it was cooked by the chef? I believe it can be both of how the cycle of our food system to meet the demand for the consumer.  Support my program by following my social media. 

     I appreciate donations to fund my website, software, and services. Invest in my plan to help you and our community to improve our agriculture in USA. Every donation will be used to support these three programs shown below. Learn more where your money can make a difference and follow its progress and Follow Me through Social Media. Thank you.    

Status Updated 5/31/21

Step 1: Create Free Printable Eco-Sustainable Meal Plan packages.

Reason To Donate: Meal Planning requires research, time, and creativity to present selective meals for viewers to enjoy. For joining my free program, I will send free printable meal packages. Help me continue creating more meal packages.


    The meal challenge is to select the proper ingredients to satisfy our hunger through the week. I will provide a menu plan with a grocery list selecting key ingredients using California farmers’ and farmers’ market recipes directly linked to the website with instructions. The unique opportunity is to no longer pick random ingredients from the market shelf, then improvise using leftovers. Follow my guide can reduce unused ingredients leading to spoiled food left in the fridge for long periods. The experience is to cook-at-home with seasonal ingredients supporting our economy, try flavors famously served in different regions and increase traffic to check our local business websites. 

    Its an opportunity to create a variety of meal for anyone to enjoy every day, save money, reduce carbon footprint, and encourages starting a healthy balanced diet. 

Printable Meal Plan Packages
Progress 60%
Collect Data
Progress 40%
All Category Diets
Progress 20%
Food Stamps Meal Package
Progress 80%
Holidays (Next Step)
Progress 0%
Vegan Diet (Next Step)
Progress 0%
Low Carb Diet (Next Step)
Progress 0%
Mediterranean Diet (Next Step)
Progress 0%
DASH Mediterranean Diet (Next Step)
Progress 0%

Step 2: Create an interactive food map of California counties. 

Reason To Donate: ESRI Software can be a priceless tool to create accurate information for viewers to visualize professional maps. It allows my efforts to analyze large sums of data within a short amount of time, which overcomes Google Maps by a mile.  



    An advertisement map for viewers (customers, restaurants, professional meal preppers, and more) to visit my website using USDA data and communicate with farmers. The software will be used in ArcGIS Online for users to click a county knowing where to buy local produce at our certified farmers’ markets through California. Every region shares a different schedule for fruits and vegetables to ripen:

  1. The map will navigate recommended products in each county by finding our organic products provided by available public information.
  2. To educate customers about ordering commercial products to visualize how far selected food brands are delivered.
  3. Educate gardeners to follow local farmers to be as successful in seeding and growing their produce.
Interactive Map
Progress 20%
Collected Data from California Farmers
Progress 45%
Source Data
Progress 50%
Digital App (Next Step)
Not Star 0%

Step 3: Rank Farming Methods In California

Reason To Donate: 


    Increase residents to grow their crops at home by introducing local farming methods for anyone to try, especially in urban communities with limited space. This alternative is to gain the support of local farmers to share their practices for residents to follow at home and statistically present new findings.  For example, the USDA developed the Hardiness Plant Zone Map to locate suitable areas to grow crops based on the users’ environmental climate. 

    Question: Will collecting data from farmers create an accurate map supporting the USDA Hardiness Plant Zone Map to plant seasonal and possibly grow out of season produce in California?

    Fresh produce can be grown successfully at home in multiple ways either in a controlled and uncontrolled environment. The challenge is selecting crops to meets their nutritional requirements, over come drought and other environmental issues. The research material will sponsor USDA data, and farmers seasonal calendars that could map suitable locations in the state of California to value different ecosystems. 

Final Ranking Chart
Progress 30%
Source Data
Progress 40%
Review 58 Counties
Progress 50%

18 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Hi John, 

    I find your idea really interesting. But how will it really work? Will people really donate to a cause like this? I am very encouraged to do so, but I do wonder if the money will indeed be used for the purpose you have outlined. 

    I quite like the idea of helping create a variety of meals for anyone to enjoy every day, save money, reduce carbon footprint, and encourage starting a healthy balanced diet. It could help resolve the nutrition crisis that threatens the world. 

    I guess I would like to read more about this idea. 



    1. Thank you for your great feedback. I will present a plan to answer your questions. Coming soon, please sharing your comments through my website as I continue to gather support. 

  2. Hi. Thanks for this article. It was a pleasure reading it!

    It’s so nice that you choose to give free meal tickets to the public. This is a great opportunity for people who struggle financially and they will appreciate your help. I believe that you are doing the right thing! Many of us need to follow your example and/or help you if we can!

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. If you like to learn more about my Meal plans, visit Meal Plan Letter as I will be designing a tool to benefit my viewers save time and grocery money. Learn More

  3. Your website was recommended by a friend as I also run a website about healthy eating.  I like what I’ve seen here and on your Facebook page.  Sustainable farming and buying from local farmers are both of interest to me so I have connected with your Facebook page and YouTube channel.  I look forward to hearing more from you,

    1. Thank you for your support and time reviewing my Social Media. Currently, I am making updates and research by communicating with our California Farmers to provide reliable information for future videos and Facebook blogs. Until August 2021, I plan to make a video of my findings to try a service available at to create your own meals and select seasonal ingredients benefiting our farmers and finding them at Certified Farmers Markets. Learn More

  4. Hello there! This is an informative post. That’s really awesome that you come up with printable meal plan packages. I definitely see the challenge you go through trying to come up with something that has the proper ingredients while satisfying our hunger. It has always been difficult trying to cook something that is both good and healthy. Improvising with leftovers has always been my style of cooking. It tastes fairly good but might not necessarily be the most healthy of meals. Definitely agree with you there about growing own foods. I only started recently and the experience has been great. Thanks for creating this. 

  5. This is certainly a unique and very interesting post that you have brought us in relation to food and it’s supply.

    This is a great initiative to encourage people to think more local.  In that they are helping local farmers and business owners to making a living and to build their businesses.  It could also have a great influence for the environment, as produce will be sourced locally and not have all the energy used to bring it from other parts of the country, or indeed even other parts of the world.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. I appreciate your honest feedback. People deserve to eat healthily, have access to local reliable foods, and share our goals to make a difference. Forward a friend request on my Facebook Page

  6. This seems like a really great idea and something we need in our country to help our people. I really am heart sore when I wasted food or didn’t support local markets. If I can support something like this in South Africa it would be so great. We are having growing food insecurities especially with the recent looting and violence suffered in parts of our country recently.

    Keep up the good work, you will be blessed with donations! 

  7. Thanks for sharing this very well written and interesting blog. It has been great to read. Inspirational.This is a great idea that i whoehheartedly encourage. If not this actual program then something similar.Myself and a few friends actually gather food locally that we use to operate a soup kitchen inthe city for the homeless

    1. I appreciate your honest feedback. I reach our local farmers throughout California. I am always learning to share my content. Forward a friend request to keep up on my future topics on my Facebook Page

  8. Hey John, thanks for sharing these ideas! I think it is a good idea to provide meal plans, create interactive food maps and encourage residents to grow their own food at home. I love growing my own vegetables in my garden and I’ve saved money and many grocery trips.  These are all great ideas and I’m wishing you much success with your site. 

  9. Interesting article regarding healthy intake, I am all in on the good tasty meal, my son cooks daily he is vegetarian, but he does prepare other healthy and tasty meals for non vegetarian you would believe he eats it all but he doesn’t. when I taste those meals, I am amazed at the excellent and delicious flavor and taste.

    My opinion of this idea is great, and the donation would be for a great cause.

    1. Do you like to eat and acquire California’s quality food produce? I value our cooking programs; however, they’re missing an important element to educate their viewers to eat quality seasonal foods. California offers culture, quality, and varieties of foods from our local farmers. Support my site by following my Facebook Pageto get up-to-date information to help my viewers acquire and create delicious meals our farmers have made for generations. 

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