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Agreement to the Subscriber

Joining the subscription will receive respect for privacy. The subscribers’ access to continue as a subscriber must follow policy. Any off-topic/spam posts, false information through surveys, or foul language will be deleted and you will be removed/blocked from the subscription any time with an email notice. 

Agree on information published through assumes no responsibility arising from the use of any information in the articles. This group was created as a forum to share your successes and commiserate over things that didn’t quite work out. I’m not an expert, and I’m unaware if any other members are either; however, if you’re having a problem and need some advice, we’ll help as much as possible. As the Founder of, photos are encouraged for everyone to post providing visual examples to highlight discussions publishes on the site.

The viewers will only be able to view your data. It can’t be exported for other purposes.
Please note the user has the ability to share this survey with other certified farmers.
A new survey will be requested deciding to continue being on the map once per year until your CPC permit expires under the CDFA regulations.  

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