Tutorial For A Free ArcGIS Online Account

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What is ArcGIS Online?

“ArcGIS Online is an online platform for creating maps and geospatial services. This tutorial shows how you can create your own map service or use existing ones provided by Esri. You can also share them with others who can then view them using the web browser or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.”

The map service is the way that you make maps available to the web using ArcGIS. You’ll make the map in ArcMap, then publish the map as a service to your ArcGIS Server site. Internet or intranet users can then use the map service in web applications, ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Online, and other client applications.

Subscribers can access all their geospatial data in a secure, cloud-based Esri environment with ArcGIS Online. This allows users to create and share maps and custom applications easily and efficiently. In addition, organizations can publish their data as hosted layer available to everyone in the organization or for external viewing. Administrative features allow control over who has access to what and when.

You can use ArcGIS Online to create web maps, mobile apps, and other applications. For example, the ESRI app helped prove your own thesis to conduct a spatial analysis with UAVs effectively. It stored data directly into the cloud through the internet on ArcGIS Online.

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Data needs to determine how much of a particular type of data exists in a geographical location. Data needs to determine if a set meets a specific need. Data needs to be acquired via a transfer from an external data source. Data needs to be transferred to another entity.


Metadata provides information about how an organization holds, stores, and accesses geospatial data. In addition, metadata helps organizations manage their data assets by providing information about them to other parties.

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Setting up ArcGIS Server requires many steps. First, you’ll need to gather equipment and configure computers before setting up GIS web services.

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