What can JohnsMealTicket offer?

JohnsMealTicket is a food finder enthusiast to help people learn more about California’s local agriculture and food products and how to get involved. Food has been a passion of mine as much as the comfort of eating a delicious home-cooked meal. This website also educates communities, promotes local foods, and facilitates access to local food and farming resources.


As a consumer, I seek to prep a balanced healthy meal plan with various dishes throughout the week. My definition of meal prep of having the same food every day isn’t my message. It’s having a variety of key ingredients selecting recipes within your budget. I have obtained the knowledge to learn about meal prep over the last seven years.

Our mission

Support communities to create and maintain a strong, sustainable economy in California. A service that connects farmland to consumers to strengthen the viability of agriculture in Northern, Central, and Southern California. Whether you’re a simple individual, business owner, gardener, farmer, meal planner, researcher, or cook, I hope you’ll find some inspiration here!

How to learn using JohnsMealTicket.com?

JohnsMealTicket can help explain the techniques step-by-step for your community following our offered services. In addition, all viewers will get access to networking through:

This blog will find recommended sources to reference seasonal commodities through California. Do you feel where we grow food can help us become a stronger, sustainable economy? JohnsMealTicket will seek ways to educate our community for anyone to put their own decisions into action.

What should a Home Cook realize about the food you buy?

I share a passion for educating our community about California’s commodities.

Meal prepping is a challenge, but it’s worth it. Processed foods are everywhere, so you need to be careful. You’ll get too much sodium and sugar when eating out, but there are many ways to eat well and save money. Cooking healthy recipes isn’t always easy, but if you prep your meals before going to work, you won’t need to worry about where to shop or prepare the food.

I made a plan to compare three lifestyle methods for anyone to acquire and eat fresh food at home.

Where to grow

     1) Grow your Food – Growing is a valuable skill and a fun hobby when you want to start growing your own food. In addition, you learn about the environment and how to protect it from pesticides.

Plants take a lot of effort, so you’ll need more than one garden if you want to eat many fresh vegetables. To learn about the best suitable products to grow in your environment, visit Where to Grow Using Maps.

     2) Create a Meal Plan – this is about writing a custom grocery list in knowing what to purchase to save money and visit the grocery store with confidence! Going over budget and eating the same foods every day? Follow Meal Press to eat tasty food by JohnsMealTicket.com. Reduce food waste, step-by-step process, printable menus, and eat California commercial foods.

Need help deciding what to do Visit Meal Plan Press. A Filter Tool to interact with JohnsMealTicket.com Blog Channel on how to stay within an average budget.

     3) Join a Program – You don’t need to worry about finding healthy food or planning meals. Instead, pay for foods that are already prepared and packaged by professionals. Your meals are packed in a refrigerator box or bag delivered directly to your doorstep.


JohnsMealTickets.com provides the support to connect you with your environment and your foods. Helping others is an opportunity to learn. Preparing quality food requires time and effort. My website helps people share information by providing new ways to connect to motivate future interest in helping our environment sustainably.

Visit Q/A Blog Channel that informs communities about local agriculture experience to ask and answer questions by our local professional farmers for information and experience.

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