What Motivates Customers To Buy Grape Products in California?

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     The price paid for quality investment is reaping big, and the need to expand and do better. Wine grapes production in California is becoming a valuable investment with each passing time. It has led to an increase in its demand within and outside the region. Its success can be attributed to the farmers and various clubs in the area. The prosperity of the wine grape is due to its high quality, the urge to protect the environment, its organic nature, and the presence of discounts and low prices.

Organic Value

     Firstly, the organic nature of wine grape production is attractive. The use of organic materials produced in large quantities from Monterey and Merced counties makes the production process even easier. These counties are among the largest gross producers in 2018 and 2019, with millions of dollars worth of sales. This product is useful to the wine grapes producers and the farmers who get a livelihood through the sales. It is a win-win situation for each party involved, making the whole production and selling process valuable and demanding.


Business Demand

     Secondly, high-quality wine grapes make the business value and demand from within and outside California. The presence of plenty of grapes even during the pandemic ensured the production was still recommendable. Members of the California agricultural community adapted to new methods when the need came. There was the need to protect essential farm workers by following the medical guidance put in place. The presence of food banks ensured grapes were preserved to the time they were needed and the safe supply of grapes to the required location.

     Thirdly, the organic and biodynamic nature of production adds value to the wine grape business. The use of organic materials in the production of wines is nutritious and gives a high-quality product. For example, one can use red California grapes, which have nutritional information of 160 calories, carbohydrate quantity of 41 grams, 0 grams of fats, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, and 170 milligrams worth of sodium (easy, n.p.). This combination makes the grape wine valuable to the body and increases its demand to consumers.

     Fourthly, cheap and discounted wines are attractive and increase demand. At a certain moment, there were discounts for the best whiskey and other brands. For example, Volant Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir had a $5 since the price was reduced from $18.99 to $13.99. The same discount analog was applied to others such as Peju Proprietary Red Blend and Cooper’s Mark Peach Bourbon Whiskey. These discounted prices applied to all brands such as wines, spirits, beers, and other featured essentials (trending, n.p.). The discounts appeal to the customer hence increasing the demand and sales. The values do not necessarily mean a loss to the producer but rather a sign of thanksgiving to the customer (Ross, 3).

     Lastly, wine grape production protects the environment and adds value to the land. The use of grapes increased the land value of California real estate. Irrigated cropland’s value increased by 5.6%, from $10000 to $15100 per acre. Non irrigated farmland increased by 5.4% from 2018 t0 2019. The increase in prices could help avoid exploitation and the pollution experienced by the use of chemicals. In the same breath, the use of organic and natural ingredients in the making of grapes ensures no use of harmful and toxic substances.


     California wines grapes are valuable and in demand both within and outside the area. The demand is due to its quality, production protection of the environment, its cheapness, and its organic nature. A combination of these advantages makes the production favorable for both the farmer and the producer. The statistics from CDFA also support the character at which the lands discount wines in the area.

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14 thoughts on “What Motivates Customers To Buy Grape Products in California?

  1. Hello,

    Grape is listed among my favorite fruits. I enjoy them in every form: in fruit and in juice. But I didn’t know that Calfornia grapes were highly demanded at that level. I know that California has some good wines in the Napa Valley. And I always thought that investing in California vineyards was the next great money maker. Thanks for this article.

    1. Thank you for sharing your interests. Fun fact “Grapes are among the first fruit species to be domesticated and today are the world’s most economically important fresh fruit crop used to make a variety of fresh, dried, and processed products such as wine.”

  2. California has a strong demand for grapes because they have been known to grow quality grapes this is why the market is booming. The grape growers know what it takes to produce quality so they do what they do best and that is putting their knowledge to work to produce the best grapes every.

    1. Follow me through my Facebook Page to get the upcoming posts through my website. I will provide you the education, data, and research support to acquire quality up-to-date information. Also, access to order online wines straight from my recommended wineries. 

  3. I love grapes. The production of grapes seems to be a highly profitable venture for farmers and producers. My interest in grapes is what it can do for me the consumer. As an organically prepared and an environmentally friendly product, I am pleased to note the nutritional value of grapes especially for the valuable support it gives to the immune system. I would love to be involved in grape production as a business.

  4. I was impressed with the demand in a recent visit I made to California. And the fact is that the quality of their grapes is really high. They take this business seriously. And I was talking to a guy linked to grape production and he was explaining to me what you also mentioned here. That the activity they do protects the environment and adds value to the land.

    1. I am excited to hear you finding my relatable about our California grape production. I hope you revisit California again and follow my future posts through my blog and Facebook page at Cortenbach John. 

  5. I knew that grapes were grown in California, but I had no idea that California grapes were in such high demand. Honestly when I thought about grapes or wine, I just always pictured Italy and their vineyards. I also found it interesting that how they are grown is good for the environment. This was very interesting article.

  6. A very interesting and in depth article about wine grapes and some of it’s products. I live in Vietnam and the grapes here are ok, but not great. Thus the production of quality wine is in it’s infancy here. Do the growers of the grapes have an export arrangement to South East Asia?. I have seen some California wine here, but it arrives infrequently. Do you know if any Californian wine companies have an arrangement with a distributer in Vietnam?. Thanks for the great info.


  7. First of all, I love Organic products especially grapes, plus the product is useful to the wine grapes producers and farmers who get a livelihood through the sales. It is the best situation for both the wine grape producers and the farmers.  Second high-quality grapes will make the business more valuable and demanding including inside and outside California. And Thirdly, the use of organic materials in the production of wines is nutritious and gives a high-quality product.                           Fourthly, the values do not necessarily mean a loss to the producer but rather a sign of thanksgiving to the customer.

    1. Thank you for the post, Dorothy! I started growing my organic grapes in Los Angeles, and I taste a considerable difference in sweetness compare bought a store. Eating seasonal produce is the best rather than waiting to be stored in a cool storage room and transported who knows how far. It could lose its quality once it reaches the stores. Ever need recommendations to join my Facebook Page to get updated on my future articles. 

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