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    A blog post is where most of your visitors will land, so it is important to have a well-structured layout and quality content so your readers will absorb your information and the search engines will rank your content. Learn more about how our online community seeks to create a functional blog channel.

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    California Commodities

    California is the biggest exporter of many agricultural commodities. Quality ingredients are what vendors seek to create delicious meals and become popular in your community. For readers, FOLLOW created content discussing California’s Meats, Dairy, Grapes, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, and other natural products within each county.

    Cook & Budget

    Tips to create a meal plan and reduce costs in the kitchen. Create a review of recommended kitchen gadgets to reduce ordering take-out. FOLLOW to make your lifestyle easier.


    Download the complete database used for analysis from our data store to look at the fields and data we provide.


    Support any student interested in a science career by providing him/her with the tools and tips needed to develop his/her research project. Learning how to review Geospatial Sciences is the right field for creating your project.

    Food Industry

    Learn how to become a successful person working in the food industry. Read feedback from their story in the food business, and start your own business. For example, become a “Farmer, Meal Planner, Restaurant Owner, etc., and visit presented sources.”

    Garden & Outdoors

    Pick your type of garden project. Share how to grow fruits and vegetables in your environment. Learn what you can grow at your house with hydroponics, grow bags, greenhouse, etc.

    GIS Activities

    Health & Diet

    Home & Kitchen

    Review household appliances to benefit a sustainable life at home by using the right equipment to prepare meals. Follow recommendations to have the ability to cook varieties of different delicious meals.

    Program Reviews

    This is a simple guide to sharing realistic findings in listing the advantages and disadvantages, taking some pictures, describing the product, and comparing it with other similar products and previous versions if they exist.

    Project Request