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    JohnsMealTicket Category Menu

    California Commodities

    California is the biggest exporter of many agricultural commodities. Quality ingredients are what vendors seek to create delicious meals and become popular in your community. For readers, Visit Meal Plan Press created content discussing California’s Meats, Dairy, Grapes, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, and other natural products within each county.

    Cook & Budget

    Here are some tips for making a meal plan and saving money in the kitchen. Check out these tips to lessen ordering take-out. FOLLOW @Meal Plan Press to share your hacks and find local food industries to acquire fresh ingredients by Signing Up and the option to Post at JohnsMealTicket.com.

    1. Select the tools that fit your lifestyle and get you healthy, and then learn about what you eat and explore different foods.

    2. Plan menus weekly and meal prep a large number of your meals to save time during the week. Selected Category to start a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh meals in your household.


    An online database of shapefiles to view and order to analyze features of each county in the state of California. No guarantee of the quality or completeness of this data. It has not been fully reviewed for accuracy and is intended to be used for educational purposes.


    Write about environmental topics, including how to grow food, protect the environment, and reduce your carbon footprint. Consumers can make a difference by reducing their consumption of products that harm the environment.

    Food Industry

    Sustainable food production aims at eliminating industrial food production’s negative impact on the environment and society by maintaining a high standard throughout the food supply chain; moreover, it pursues the goal of creating healthy products without compromising human health and animal welfare. Write to find new leads, discover resources, and connect with people who share your interests.

    Garden & Outdoors

    Write the Content of the types garden projects. Share how to grow fruits and vegetables in your environment. Learn what you can grow at your house with hydroponics, grow bags, a greenhouse, etc.

    GIS Activities

    Created to encourage GIS professionals and beginners to learn more about the profession and get involved in current GIS practices in environmental science and agricultural resources.

    Health & Diet

    Find a variety of foods so your body receives the nutrients it needs each day. Select a diet that will work best for your health, and then stick to it.

    Home & Kitchen

    Select non-commercial equipment and facilities used to prepare simple ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly, sustainable food for consumption.

    Program Reviews

    This is a simple guide that reviews the top fitness, weight loss, and business coaching programs. We created this site to help people find the best program for their specific needs and make a delivery order more sustainable.

    Project Request

    Submit a Post Here on JohnsMealTicket.com to qualify for a specific project request. Select the Project Request category, fill out your request, and it can be shared with CSU Professors, Students, and more. It’s a chance to invite volunteers to learn more about your farm to motivate careers in the field of agriculture, environmental science, and more.


    We want to spark discussion and be an industry leader within the wine industry on sustainability. Read our top wines @ Great Wines Tell A Story to buy and review to make your decision easier. All of these wines are high-quality, great for cooking, and perfect for sharing with friends.

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